Latest 8171 Survey: Update Your Details At The BISP Tehsil Office

Here is the latest update for all the BISP Beneficaries who have registered their name in the survey and now want to change their detail like their address or Phone number, if any women are having this situation then this article will be very beneficial to them as it will guide them how they can update details at the BISP Tehsil office so that they can get their next installment easily.

Latest 8171 Survey: Update Your Details At The BISP Tehsil Office

You can check your Payment status at 8171 ehsaas program Online CNIC if you have not received your April to March installments as more than half of the women have already received their payment through BISP Campsite.

BISP April To June Payment – Not Receive Message Yet

Many Beneficaries in the Benazir Income Support Program are facing this problem that they have not received the message on their phone from “8171” to receive their payments even though they have completed their survey and are eligible for the monthly 10500 Payment, and many of them are even unaware of the reason for it.

If you have registered as well and have not received the message from 8171, your status may have changed. To ensure that this is not the issue, check your status at 8171. If it is not, you may have changed your contact information, which is the reason you are not receiving the message from 8171

Update Your Details At the BISP Tehsil Office

Here is a quite simple solution to your problem, you need to verify first that the number you are using now is the same which you registered during the 8171 BISP Survey if it is not the same and you have changed it later on then you will not receive a message from 8171, because the message from their site has been sent to the number which is registered and for this reason, you have not to receive the message yet. 

In this circumstance, you have to update your contact details at the BISP Tehsil office so that from the next payment disbursement you will receive your amount without any deduction.

  • Go to the local BISP Tehsil office where you previously enrolled.
  • Discuss your issue with the counter workers; they will ask you to wait.
  • A representative will interview you at another table regarding your concerns.
  • Provide them with your updated information and request an update to your phone number.
  • The representative will verify your ID number and ask you a series of questions. Once the verification process is complete, your new number will be reflected in their records.

How to Update your Details at the BISP Tehsil Center

You can only update your contact information by going through the Tehsil office and following the provided method. If you have only changed your phone number and everything else is the same, you do not need to complete your survey again. 

8171 Latest Survey – Benazir Kafalat Update 

To approve the quarterly monthly installments, the most recent BISP survey has been conducted at BISP Tehsil offices throughout Pakistan. Those who have not completed their survey as part of the BISP Program are encouraged to do so by June 30. Additionally, if your previous survey period has exceeded two years, you must retake your Benazir Dynamic Survey at the Tehsil Office. 

More than 600 Tehsil offices have been established in all over Pakistan for the millions of beneficaries survey and the payment distribution to them without deduction. Do not delay your survey for the Program as the new Payment of Rs12500 will be announced soon for the Beneficaries.


Ensuring that your contact information is up-to-date with the BISP Tehsil office is crucial for receiving your payments on time. If you haven’t received a message from 8171 despite completing your survey, it’s likely due to outdated contact details. 

By visiting your local BISP Tehsil office and updating your phone number, you can ensure smooth and uninterrupted payment disbursement. Don’t delay updating your details or completing your survey, as this will allow you to benefit fully from the program and receive the upcoming payment installments.