Breaking News! Unlock your BISP Block Card for your Payment in 2024

Are you a BISP Beneficaries and still waiting for your payment for April from the Benazir Income Support Programme, then here is the easiest way you can receive your payment with a BISP card. Before that, if you encounter an issue with the Payment 938 Code error, you will be completely guided on how to unlock your BISP Card and receive your Monthly 10500 Rs.

Breaking News Unlock your BISP Block Card for your Payment in 2024

If you are the BISP beneficiary and you want to check the status of your payment then you can easily verify it through 8171 Ehsaas Program CNIC registration Online. Once you check the status of your Benazir Payment then try to receive it via your BISP card, in case if it is showing an error in 938 Code error then follow the pathway given in this article.

How to Unlock Your BISP Block Card – error in 938 Code

Benazir Income Support Program is Pakistan’s main initiative through which all the eligible and poor people are receiving aid from the government, under this program people are enrolled in various schemes so that all the poor citizens can receive BISP Payment according to their eligibility criteria.

Now the payment that the people receive is through their BISP card and if your Bisp card is blocked then learn here how to unlock your BISP Block card.

bisp card error solve

Step# 01 Visit Your Nearest BISP Tehsil Office:

To resolve the 938 Code problem and enable payment processing, recipients should visit the closest BISP office. To confirm their eligibility for the program, they can restore their records and restart the registration process there.

Step# 02 Verifying Your Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria are one of the important factors for enrolling in the Benazir Income Support Program, one of the major causes by which your card has been blocked can be your eligibility criteria therefore when you visit the Ehsaas office then they asked your CNIC number to check your status for the ehsaas kafalat Program.

Or either to save time you can also check your eligibility through the button given below by entering your CNIC into it.

Step# 03 Provide The Required Documents

To verify their eligibility, candidates must allow access to certain files throughout the registration or verification procedure. 

  • Identification cards, 
  • SIM cards, 
  • utility bills, 
  • land possession certificates, 
  • earnings statements, 

and other pertinent documents may also be included in these archives. And in this way, they can again review your present status and unlock your BISP block card.

BISP Payment 938 Code Generated

For beneficiaries who are enrolled in the scheme, the BISP Payment 938 Code acts as a unique identity. It makes it possible to provide financial assistance to qualified people, assisting them in meeting their most basic needs. Errors with this code, however, might lead to issues and cause delays or interruptions in cash withdrawals.

The 938 code is assigned by the BISP program to all the eligible people on their BISP card so that they can easily get their money through it, if in case they are facing an error in this code then they are unable to withdraw the Benazir Kafalat Payment.

BISP Payment 938 Code ErrorTroubleshooting guide for individuals encountering errors with BISP payment code 938.
How to Unlock BISP Block CardSteps to unblock BISP card by updating information at the nearest BISP office.
Eligibility CriteriaRequirements for joining the BISP programme, including income, land ownership, and more.
Required Documents for RegistrationList of essential documents needed to register for the BISP programme.
BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue ResolveTroubleshooting steps to resolve payment withdrawal issues, ensuring smooth transactions.

You will be informed whether or not you are registered, and you will receive all the fine print there. If you or anyone else claims to be a part of this program, they can join without any issues. 

BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue Resolution 

In the past, people had trouble getting their BISP payments because of several problems, including fraud and deduction errors. To fix the problem code 938:

  • Update data at the BISP headquarters.
  • Acquire verification of the resumed registration.
  • Within ten days, expect payments to continue.

Common Challenges with the 938 Code

There are many common challenges that Beneficaries can face due to the 938 Code:

  • Lack of knowledge: Recipients may be unaware of all the implications of the code or how it affects their benefits.
  • Difficulty in Accessing Services: Those who have this code may encounter difficulties in getting certain BISP program benefits or services. 
  • Confusion or Misinterpretation: Regarding the eligibility requirements or entitlements connected to this code, there may be confusion or misinterpretation. 

Due to many reasons, this card can be blocked which causes so much difficulty for the Beneficaries to get their BISP new payment.

BISP Card block due to technical error:

Errors in the machine or the technical system may also contribute to issues with the 938 Code. These mistakes can also be brought on by information inconsistencies, communication problems, or software malfunctions, which make it difficult for charging operations to operate smoothly.

Fraudulent Activities:

Fraudulent activities associated with the improper usage of the 938 Code are one project that comes up often. In addition, scammers might try to game the system or take advantage of it, which could result in differences in how fees are handled and distributed.

Documentation error:

Documentation errors or inconsistencies might further exacerbate the situation and result in charge processing delays or denials. The 938 Code may become invalid as a result of inaccurate or lacking statistics provided during registration or verification.

sehatmand Punjab program [latest update]

The Sehatmand Punjab Program has been approved by the CM of Punjab, Marium Nawaz, and this scheme is not only a particular type of aid or assistance to the individual but it is a lifesaving initiative through which many concerns and problems of poor people can be solved. 

She stresses that personal health choices not only impact individuals but also resonate within their families and communities. According to her, an individual’s health is not merely a personal matter but a collective responsibility that influences the prosperity of the entire society.


In conclusion, navigating the challenges associated with the “938” code in BISP cards is crucial for beneficiaries seeking uninterrupted support from the Benazir Income Support Programme. The troubleshooting steps outlined, including updating information at the nearest BISP office and adhering to eligibility criteria, offer pathways to unlock blocked cards and ensure smooth payment processing. 

While technical errors, fraudulent activities, and documentation inconsistencies may pose hurdles, proactive measures can mitigate such issues. Empowering beneficiaries with knowledge and access to support services remains paramount in sustaining the program’s mission of providing essential aid to those in need.