Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 2024

As we know the Benazir Income Support Program is one of the main initiatives working for the poor community of Pakistan and for this, it has launched multiple schemes with unique importance in different categories.

Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship scheme 2024

Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship is also one of its beneficial schemes which are the most efficient for the Students just like the Taleemi Wazaif Registrations, in this article you will learn all the important information about the Benazir Undergraduate scholarship Eligibility Criteria and how a child can register in 2024.

Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship

If you want to apply for the Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 then you must remember that you are also meeting the 8171 Ehsaas Program Eligibility Criteria, as the people who are receiving financial assistance from 8171 can also apply for the BISP undergraduate program.

Undergraduate scholarships are intended to eliminate one source of unequal access, because of inflation, many are unable to obtain an education. Keeping this in mind, the Pakistani government established the Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship. The Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship aims to support children from households who have excelled academically but lack the means to advance.

Eligibility Criteria for the Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship

According to the valid resource here are some of the main requirements for the scholarship:

Eligibilty Criteria for BISP undergraduate 2024
  • Newly admitted students of the Fall 2021 session in an HEC-recognized public sector university are eligible for this scheme.
  • Students fulfill the criteria of need and provide authentic information required under the Project’s policy.
  • Admissions are secured on merit only. Merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she intends to study.
  • Degree programs are allowed by the HEC.
  • The age limit set by the institution’s regulations, i.e. the maximum age of eligibility for the scholarship is the same as the maximum age for applying for admission in undergraduate programs at the HEI.

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Ineligibility Criteria 

A student is ineligible for the scholarship if discovered,

  • Obtaining any other scholarship or continuing grant 
  • Enrolled in distance learning programs and connected colleges (both public and private).
  • Secured admission on a self-sustaining/self-supporting/self-financing basis, or in evening programs with higher price structures
  • Students of two-year post-higher secondary or similar courses, two-year associate degree programs, Master’s, and the nomenclature of BA/BSc programs are not eligible for the Ehsaas Scholarship.
  • Students with associate degrees who are freshly enrolled in a lateral undergraduate degree program, i.e. the fifth semester, are likewise ineligible.

Register for the Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship

Applying for the Benazir Undergraduate Ehsaas Scholarship is a simple process:

  • Eligible candidates can practice online at the Ehsaas HEC Portal.
  • Submit the entire utility shape to the respective university’s economic resource office.
  • Avoid direct submission of the utility structure to HEC or BISP.
  • Benzair / Ehsaas Scholarship Deadline


The Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship offers financial assistance to eligible college students while opening the way for a brighter future. By tackling the economic barriers that frequently prevent education, this application assures that Genius is no longer misplaced due to financial restraints.