50bn Relief: Up to Rs7 Per Unit Discount For 200-Unit Consumers – PM Announcement

50bn Relief: Up to Rs7 Per Unit Discount For 200-Unit Consumers - PM Announcement

Here is the latest Update for all the electricity Consumers of Pakistan from Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif, recently in a conference he announced a three-month relief for lifeline electricity users whose monthly usage doesn’t exceed 200 units. And for this, the budget of 50 Billion has been allocated.

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Three-Month Relief for 200-Unit Electricity Consumers – Latest Update

On 9 July 2024, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif had a live conference with the Media in which he made a big announcement for the people of Pakistan so that they would not feel alone in this difficult phase of the High electricity Bills problem. In July, August, and September, the government would grant electrical lifeline customers a discount of Rs50 billion. The government’s relief will affect 25 million people nationwide for three months.

Rs50bn Relief for 200-unit Electricity Consumers from July to September

Speaking at a news conference in Islamabad, Prime Minister Shehbaz announced that the package will offer relief to about 25 million domestic consumers who come under the protected category, up to Rs7 per unit, for three months ending in September.

Prime Minister Commented: “Today, Rs 50 billion has been set aside to give our protected category customers who use up to 200 units per month for three months, from July to September, a relief of Rs 4 to 7 per unit as a concession.”

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About 25 million domestic power users—roughly 94% of the total customer base—will benefit from this.

Providing Relief to the Consumers of Electricity in Summers

The Prime Minister declared that the development fund would be used to pay for these fifty billion rupees. According to him, the decision was made to help the average person as a result of the rise in electricity prices.

He claimed that the three summer months are the most difficult to handle, and that when the weather improves starting in October, so does the amount of electricity used.

Prime Minister Assured The Further Relief for People

In contrast to the “hollow claims” of past administrations, he said, the federal government has eliminated the previously mentioned amount from its development budget to fulfill its commitment to providing public relief.

Shehbaz further promised the populace that more relief would come as a result of the government’s continuous efforts to close non-performing enterprises, tax the wealthy, broaden the tax base, and plug financial leaks.

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The Rs50 billion relief package announced by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is a major effort to ease the burden of high electricity costs for millions of Pakistanis. Offering up to Rs7 per unit discount for those using up to 200 units monthly, this three-month relief aims to support 25 million consumers during the peak summer months.