Sindh CM Announces Rs 22.5 Billion Ramazan Relief Package for Residents

Another great news for the people of Sindh who are facing lots of challenges due to increasing inflation. The Sindh government has announced a Rs 22.5 Billion Sindh Ramazan Relief Package for the people of the Province in this package they promise to provide free Rashan and assist eligible and poor Families in the Month of Ramazan.

Ramazan Relif Package by Sindh Government 2024

In addition to a 22.5 billion package, they also announced giving Rs 5000 in cash to 60% of the province’s population. You must carefully read this post as it contains all the accurate answers to your questions to determine whether you are eligible for this scheme and how this aid will be delivered to you.

بڑھتی ہوئی مہنگائی کی وجہ سے شدید مشکلات کا شکار سندھ کے عوام کے لیے ایک اور بڑی خوشخبری۔ سندھ حکومت نے صوبے کے عوام کے لیے 22 ارب 50 کروڑ روپے کے رمضان ریلیف پیکیج کا اعلان کیا ہے اس پیکج میں وہ وعدہ کرتے ہیں کہ وہ رمضان کے مہینے میں مفت راشن فراہم کریں گے اور مستحق اور غریب خاندانوں کی مدد کریں گے۔ 22.5 ارب کے پیکج کے علاوہ صوبے کی ساٹھ فیصد آبادی کو پانچ ہزار روپے نقد دینے کا بھی اعلان کیا۔ آپ کو اس پوسٹ کو غور سے پڑھنا چاہیے کیونکہ اس میں آپ کے سوالات کے تمام درست جوابات ہیں تاکہ یہ معلوم کیا جا سکے کہ آیا آپ اس سکیم کے اہل ہیں یا نہیں اور یہ امداد آپ تک کیسے پہنچائی جائے گی۔

Murad Ali Shah Big Surprise for the People of Sindh

Based on the most recent information we have, the chief minister of Sindh, Mr. Murad Ali Shah, made a significant announcement on March 7, 2024, regarding the province’s poor citizens. He called a meeting with all senior committee members and declared that the province would provide a 22.5 billion rupee Ramazan relief package to the poor.

Big surprise by the Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah

He added that 1,10,000 impoverished families will receive 14,000 rupees from the Sindh Zakat Department. They will assist the poor communities of Pakistan so that they can spend this holy month of Ramazan with less trouble. 

Syed Murad Ali Shah in his conference promised to deliver a Cash Payment of Rs5000 in the accounts of Eligible people banks in March, which means 60% of the Population of the Sindh region. To be eligible for the Sindh Ramazan Relief Package, the Monthly income of a Man should be less than 32,000 Rs.

Registration in Sindh Ramazan Relief Package 2024

Here is the Latest 2024 Update for my readers, the government of Sindh has announced a big Surprise for the Poor Communities living in Sindh, the Big Sindh Ramazan Relief Package will be given to the underprivileged who qualify for the Benazir Income Support Program. One of the Big and authentic sources of Data is the BISP dynamic Survey through which all the Government Aid reaches the poor People of Pakistan.

If you have yet to register in the Benazir Kafalat program, do it now by visiting your nearest BISP tehsil Marakiz and completing your registration for the 8171 ehsaas Program.  People who are eligible for the BISP program will get this big relief Package in Sindh otherwise they will be told that ineligible. 

میرے قارئین کے لیے یہ ہے 2024 کی تازہ ترین اپڈیٹ، حکومت سندھ نے سندھ میں رہنے والی غریب برادریوں کے لیے بڑے سرپرائز کا اعلان کیا ہے، بڑا سندھ رمضان ریلیف پیکیج ان غریبوں کو دیا جائے گا جو بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے لیے اہل ہیں۔ ڈیٹا کے بڑے اور مستند ذرائع میں سے ایک بینظیر ڈائنامک سروے ہے جس کے ذریعے تمام سرکاری امداد پاکستان کے غریب عوام تک پہنچتی ہے۔ اگر آپ نے ابھی تک بے نظیر کفالت پروگرام میں رجسٹریشن کرانا ہے تو ابھی اپنی قریبی تحصیل مرکز بانظیر میں جا کر 8171 احساس پروگرام کے لیے اپنی رجسٹریشن مکمل کریں۔ جو لوگ بی آئی ایس پی پروگرام کے اہل ہیں انہیں سندھ میں یہ بڑا ریلیف پیکیج ملے گا ورنہ انہیں نااہل بتایا جائے گا۔

Complete Your BISP Registration Through Tehsil Offices

Here is the new complete method for BISP Dynamic Registration 2024 through the tehsil Center:

  • original CNIC and 
  • any personal documents such as a utility bill or any other paper that further highlights your poverty.
  • Meet with a representative at the center.
  • Provide your details and submit the required documents.
  • Fill out any necessary forms.
  • Wait for processing and follow up if needed.
  • Receive confirmation of your registration.

Important Note: If you have not done your BISP Survey again from the Benazir office then your approval for receiving financial aid will only last till the end of June after that your Monthly BISP Payment will stop.

اہم نوٹ: اگر آپ نے بے نظیر آفس سے اپنا بینظیر سروے دوبارہ نہیں کرایا ہے تو آپ کی مالی امداد کی منظوری صرف جون کے آخر تک رہے گی اس کے بعد آپ کی ماہانہ بینظیر ادائیگی بند ہو جائے گی۔

Eligibility for the Sindh Ramazan Relief Package 

People who have submitted their data through the BISP Dynamic Survey will get Financial support from the Sindh Government, as they will be distributing the Raashan Packages and Rs5000 to the people who are eligible for it.

Eligibilty criteria for sindh Ramazan package

The province’s minimum monthly salary is 34000 rupees, and 60% of the population is made up of families making Rs 32000 amount per month. This information was shared during the conference.

Therefore if you think that you are eligible for the Sindh Ramazan Relief Package then you can easily receive your Cash Payment of 5000 in your bank account, so after that you can withdraw it from there, they have made the budget 22.5 billion Rupees for the 60% population of Sindh.

Eligibility Criteria for Sindh Ramazan Relief Package 2024

  • Those in need and deserving are included in this program.
  • whose average monthly income is under RS 32,000.
  • To participate in this program, your bank account must be completely devoid of balance.
  • Moreover, nobody in your family works for the government.

Check Your Eligibility for the 8171 Program

  • Proceed to to access the Ehsaas 8171 Web Portal.
  • Enter the code shown in the image along with your CNIC number.
  • Select “Check Eligibility” from the menu.
  • On the following page, you will be able to view your eligibility status.

Strict Instruction for the salers who raise the prices of Food in Ramazan

Additionally, he brought up the topic of food prices rising during the fasting month of Ramadan in the meeting and urged the relevant party to investigate the matter and take appropriate action. 

Strict Instruction for the salers who raise the prices of Food in Ramazan

Murad Ali Shah has directed the commissioner to begin pursuing hoarders and profiteers in Karachi as of right now. Commissioners in the province’s other divisions ought to follow suit, focusing on those who engage in these activities inside their districts. According to the Chief Minister of Sindh, the government ought to guarantee that goods are sold at set prices. He also threatened to go out and verify pricing himself.

Murad Ali Shah has ordered that K-Electric, Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), Sukkur Electric Supply Company (SEPCO), and the province as a whole maintain the electrical system throughout Ramadan and that there be no load shedding during Suhr and Iftar.

negahban Program by Marium Nawaz

Eligible individuals under the Negahban Program will get a Muft Ramazan Rashan Package from a government team, including all the essential food items for the holy month delivered right to their homes. In an attempt to save individuals from standing in line and waiting for hours to collect their Rashan, the Pakistani government is making this effort for the first time.

While there is no online or offline registration for the Negahban Program, the government team will handle this process. This time, the Raashan will be distributed to poor families in Punjab districts based on the results of the BISP survey. They will make sure that every poor family receives the Rashan.


the Sindh government has announced a Rs 22.5 billion Ramazan Relief Package to help residents of the province cope with rising inflation during the holy month. The package includes free Rashan and cash assistance to eligible families. To be eligible for the cash assistance, a family’s monthly income should be less than Rs 32,000.