Fraud Alert – Only Receive Messages from 8171 | BISP advised

There is a latest concern from the BISP Officials about the scam going on with many people in the name of the Ehsaas Programme.

Only recieve messages from 8171

If you are the Beneficiers 8171 Ehsaas Program and have also completed your registration in the 8171 Ehsaas Program then the procedure of payment in different regions of Pakistan has been started, and this has awoken many scammers to deceive innocent people by sending fake messages and calls about their Payments from Ehsaas Program.

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Dr Sania Nishtar Guide people on how to spot fake messages | Latest Update

One of the leading Social Workers, Dr. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Safety and Poverty Alleviation, alert people about the fake messages and scam happening with many poor people in our country in the name of BISP Payments.

She further clears up things by saying that If you are contacted from any number other than 8171, the message or call will be fake, and the message you get from the BISP official team will be from 8171 therefore only receive messages from 8171. 

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How to Identify If Messages Are Really from Ehsaas Programme or Scams

Scams are very common with respectable organizations, such as the Ehsaas Programme, therefore to protect yourself from these types of fraud you should be more vigilant and recognize suspicious signs.

method of identifying that you recieve message from 8171

Here are some important techniques that can help you know that you are receiving messages from the BISP Official Site:

Messages from 8171:

this is one of the most significant ways to recognize that the message you are receiving must be valid if it is from 8171 because all the other contacts providing information about the Ehsaas Program are invalid and fraudulent.

One more sign to recognize that you receive messages from the 8171 official number is that Ehsaas does not send inappropriate emails requesting personal information or threatening payment blocks.

Content of message:

The messages you received from the 8171 do not contain related things:

  • a sense of urgency forces you to act immediately. If you do not answer, they may threaten to cancel the benefits that you receive.
  • Poorly structured message.
  • Do not ask about your personal information like your CNIC number, bank account details, or OTPs through unverified channels.
  • Do not contain any invalid links or attachments in their official message.

Important Information

During her speech, Dr. Sania Nishtar checked a message on one of the beneficiaries’ cell phone and said, “This message you have received is absolutely fake,” then she informed the recipient of a text message that said an Rs33,500 grant had been approved and that the specified cell phone number should be contacted to claim it.

What should I do If I get scam calls and do not receive messages from 8171? 

Dr. Sania Nishtar further informed the people that the messages they received from scam numbers and IDs must not be left ignored and make a complaint against those fake Numbers.

Where you can file a complaint for the scammers, sending you fake messages about your 8171 Status

This thing is very clear that the beneficiaries who are registered in the 8171 Program through their CNIC are expecting any calls and messages from the Ehsaas Official Support. But due to the prevailing Fraudulent and scammers, they most often get into the trap, it is very important to first confirm the message you receive to the 8171 Web Portal.

You can make a complaint against that malicious scammer who is threatening you to the following numbers Via SMS:

  • 03351058050 
  • 03351058051.


In the end, it is necessary to remain cautious and guard against bogus messages concerning the Ehsaas Programme. Always remember to only receive messages from 8171, and be careful of any correspondence requesting personal information or threatening immediate action.