Punjab Allocates Rs10bn For Student Laptops In 2024-25 Budget | Latest Update

Here is some Good News for all the Eligible Students of Punjab, as in the Budget Speech of Punjab the Govt has allocated Rs 10bn for students’ Laptops and the relaunching of Free Laptop distribution in Punjab will be starting Again.  More than 100,000 laptops will be provided to students within this budget range so they can establish their worth in the IT industry.

Punjab Allocates Rs10bn for Student Laptops in 2024-25 Budget

You can read more significant statements made by the Punjab Finance Minister during the Punjab 2024–25 Budget Scheme here. The government is investing more money this time around to empower youngsters by giving them access to a variety of services.

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Punjab Allocates Rs10bn For Student Laptops [2024-25 Budget]

In his budget speech, Punjab Finance Minister Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman made several commendable announcements for the state’s youth, including the announcement that the province will allot Rs. 10 billion for student laptops and the assurance that a new laptop scheme will soon be launched in the province so that students can apply for free laptops through the 100,000 Laptops Scheme. 

During his speech, he also highlighted that the dream of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz was rapidly becoming a reality, with the foundation of Pakistan’s first IT city, “Nawaz Sharif I.T City,” being laid in just three months.

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Punjab Relaunching Free Laptops In 2024

The minister stated that to give students access to current technologies, the government plans to bring back the laptop program. In the upcoming fiscal year, the government will begin purchasing laptops to give to students. The province government has also set aside Rs69.74 billion for educational purposes.

Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab, has authorized a new laptop program for students. The approval was given at a meeting presided over by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz and centered on reforms in the higher education sector. Following a seven-year break, Maryam Nawaz announced during the meeting that the laptop project has been approved and that students in Punjab will once again receive new laptops.

More Than 100,000 Laptops Will Be Given 

The PM’s Laptop Scheme has a new budget of 10 billion rupees, and according to it, students will once again be able to apply online for free laptops through the official website. Only qualified students may apply for Punjab’s free laptop program, which has opened registrations and will give 100,000 laptops to young people. 

Govt Launch Free Wi-Fi for Punjab Citizens 

This is yet another significant announcement from the Punjab Budget Speech. The Finance Minister stated that the government of Punjab is implementing free Wi-Fi access in various locations per the directive of the Chief Minister. This will allow people to use the internet to promote their digital businesses freely and will have a significant impact on any online activities.

It is one of the best moves the government has made because, although the amount of work done on the internet has increased significantly in recent years, internet services are still unavailable in many places. As a result, Punjab will offer free internet access in several locations to facilitate everyday life.

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Punjab Allocates Rs20.7bn for IT and Governance Schemes 

The Punjab government has set aside Rs. 20,700 million for both new and ongoing IT and governance initiatives. Through technology innovations, this significant investment seeks to improve governance and the region’s digital infrastructure. The government is dedicated to creating a more transparent and efficient administrative system, which will improve service delivery and connection for its residents. To this end, it is concentrating on both new and current programs.


The Punjab government’s 2024-25 budget reflects a strong commitment to advancing education and technology in the province. By allocating Rs. 10 billion for the relaunch of the free laptop scheme, over 100,000 students will gain access to essential digital tools, fostering their growth in the IT sector. 

Additionally, the government’s significant investment of Rs. 20,700 million in IT and governance initiatives highlights a broader effort to enhance transparency and efficiency in public services. With these strategic moves, Punjab aims to empower its youth, bridge the digital divide, and drive technological progress across the region.