PESCO Bill Online Check 2023| Download and Duplicate your Bill

Are you looking for your PESCO Bill Online check for the current month? Then this page will show your PESCO bill through a straightforward and free method and also guide you on how to Download your Online Bill for 2023.

Save reference number for next time

You just need to Enter your Reference Number or ID number in the above field and submit the form by pressing the Submit button. With just a gap of a few seconds, they will take you to your PESCO Bill, you can check out your Bill amount and also Download the Bill by pressing on Print Button.

You can also check your FESCO Bill Online by the same procedure 

How to check your PESCO Bill Online 2023 | Complete method 

If you want to check your PESCO bill Online then the form given above all you have to do is fill in the required field in the form and know your PESCO Bill Online. 

PESCO Bill Online check 2023

Some significant steps are mentioned below, through which you can easily check your PESCO Bill: 

  • First of all, Visit the PESCO Bill Online website 
  • There the Form will appear in front of you, asking for your reference number or ID number
  • You need to enter your reference number very carefully from your previous MEPCO Bill 
  • After Filling in the details you can Now press the Submit Button and it will take you to your new MEPCO Bill. 
  • If you want to Print or Duplicate the Bill you can easily do it by clicking on the option given above your Bill.

14-Digit Reference Number on Your PESCO Bill

Are you in search of your PESCO Bill reference number It is already there with you, all you need to do is to hold your PESCO Bill and see it at the top of the page. There you’ll see a 14-digit Number written below the heading of Reference Number which can be easily identified.

Once you have your reference number, enter it into the above input area and click the “check bill” button to view your statement online. It’s that simple! If you are having difficulty locating your reference number, please see the image below for assistance.

PESCO Bill Online refernce number check

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How can I find my PESCO ID number on Bill?

It is the simplest thing you can search for, if you are looking for your Consumer ID number then you can easily find it in your own bill just like the Reference Number. It is a 10-digit code number present right above the reference number and consists of 10 digits.

You have to enter your ID number in your PESCO Bill from their official site or by clicking on the Fesco Bill Check site this will show you your Pesco bill result and also check your due date so that the payment can be made on time if you want to Print your Bill Online then you can easily do it at your PESCO Bill Online or the same goes for Fesco Bill Online check.

What are the different circles of PESCO and what areas do they cover?

PESCO has eight (08) circles covering a total land area of about 1,204,621 hectares. These circles are mentioned in the table below:

PESCO has been split into two companies: PESCO and HAZARA Electricity Supply Company (HAZECO). PESCO is made up of six circles, as shown in the table above, whereas HAZECO is made up of two circles, as shown in the table below.

Each circle serves a different region of Pakistan. Simply enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID to access your PESCO Bill online Check and obtain the most recent statement quickly. If you’d rather use a mobile app, you can get the PESCO bill APK here.

How to Pay My PESCO Bill Payment Online 

There are various ways you can check your FESCO Bill Online:

Online Payment of PESCO Bill
  • You may pay your bill by going to PESCO’s website and clicking on the “Pay Your Bill” option.
  • You may also pay your bill using the PESCO smartphone app.
  • You can pay your bill online or using your bank’s mobile banking platform.
  • You can also use a third-party payment processor, such as EasyPaisa or JazzCash, to pay your bill. You must supply your reference number, which may be located on your statement, in order to pay your account online. You must also submit your bank account details or cell phone number. You will be able to pay your bill once you have completed all of the essential information.

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Which banks support PESCO online bill payment?

The following banks support PESCO online bill payment:

  • Meezan Bank (MBL)
  • Allied Bank (ABL)
  • Habib Bank Ltd (HBL)
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Bank al Habib (BAH)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  • All commercial banks and post offices also support PESCO bill payments.

Due Date of PESCO Bill Payment

New PESCO Bill Online Checks are now available for download for due dates up to November 10, 2023. PESCO power bills are issued on different dates owing to the various PESCO Circles, resulting in varying due dates.

PESCO Due dates are always updated according to their specific PESCO circle. Therefore if you are looking for your PESCO Bill dates for the months of 2023 then this page will provide you with all the details. 

Don’t be concerned if your bill requires revision or a duplicate copy. You may quickly reprint a copy of your Peshawar power bill for free online to avoid late payment penalties. Your only requirement is your Electricity Bill Reference Number or Unique Customer ID.

PESCO Bill Peak Hours | Save your Electricity 

If the Peshawar electricity consumer wants to know about the peak hours of Electricity then this article will guide you very thoroughly as we contain all the authentic information for our viewers’ convenience. Basically, the peak hours are the time of the day when the electricity consumption is the highest. Therefore if you are looking for a way to reduce your electricity bill then you should reduce your electricity consumption in the given time:

Months Timing
April to October6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
November to March6 PM to 10 PM 

How can I view my PESCO bill details and check if it’s paid or not?

If you want to check your Bill payment details or to see whether it is paid or not then you do not have to worry anymore about this problem you can visit the PESCO online Bill check site and enter your Reference Number in it then it will show all your Bill data and payment status so that you can examine your Electricity status.

You may inspect the bill payment history, which details the last 12 months of payments, to see if your charge has been paid or not. If you live in the Lahore area, you may also check your Fesco online bill.

Is it possible to view your PESCO online bill by CNIC or by name?

If you are looking for the answer to the above question then it is NO. you can’t view your PESCO Online Bill by CNIC or your Name because it does not have to do with your CNIC Number and the only way to search for your monthly PESCO Bill is Via your Reference No number or unique Key which has been explained in this article.

If you are the Customer of FESCO, PESCO, or any other Pakistani Electricity supply company then you can easily view your Online Bill through the Official website and can get the monthly update from the official team through the online subscription. 

Get your Bill Information through SMS or Email 

If you want to get any other bill-related information then you can easily view it through SMS or Email. You can Register yourself for a Fesco Bill Subscription so that you can get a monthly alert from the power supply company so that you’ll remain up to date about every detail of your Bill check 

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How to get a new PESCO connection or transfer an existing one?

To obtain a new PESCO connection, please follow the steps on our website here. If you just acquired a home with an existing PESCO connection registered in the previous owner’s name and wish to transfer the connection to your name, you must follow the same procedure as for obtaining a new connection. Simply go to your local PESCO office and request a name change or correction.


PESCO Online Bill Check 2023 makes it simple to check, download, and print your PESCO bill. You may easily view your bill information and make payments online by following the procedures provided in this article. Furthermore, PESCO has a mobile app via which you may monitor your bill and make payments from your mobile device.