PM laptop Scheme Application Status Check Online [2024] 

If you’ve come to to check the status of your application for the PM’s Laptop Scheme, you’ve almost reached the correct location. In this article, you will simply track your PM laptop scheme Application Status Check Online by just entering a few of your data.

PM laptop Scheme Application Status Check Online [2024]

More importantly, once they display your status for the PMLN Laptop Scheme, then you can also know from this post about the meaning of your displayed result. Therefore read this article till the last as every part of this is very important for your Laptop Scheme 2024.

PM Laptop Scheme Status Check Online

PM Laptop Status Check is one of the simplest procedures that you can do every day, as it is very efficient, less time-consuming, and free of Cost.

How to check Your status for MP Laptop Scheme 2024

Follow the Simplest Guidelines for Laptop Scheme Application Status Check Online:

  • Firstly, visit the official webpage of Laptop status check: 
  • There you will discover a little form at the top of the page.
  • The form will ask you to fill in the following information:
  • You have to choose the Phase(the year you have applied for)
  • You need to select the University you study in and then the Campus of your university.
  • You also have to write the name of the City in which the university is located.
  • You are also required to choose the Department and degree level from the options.
  • In the last mention the year of your study.
  • Once you selected all the information correctly, now to check the status of the Laptop Scheme click on the “Filter Result” button.

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Multiple Results Displayed for Your Status Check

When you access the official site and check your Status Online for the government Laptop Scheme 2024, it will not only show that you are eligible for the scheme or not, it will generate a particular result for your profile which can be different for everyone.

In order to make things easier for you to understand, I’ve defined each step-by-step and explained every conceivable outcome that the tool might produce when you check the status of your PM laptop. 

No# 01: Applied 

When it shows the result “applied” then understand that the student He/she had successfully applied for the registration of their laptop scheme.

No# 02: Verified

Many of the applicants receive the message “verified” which means the person who is responsible for the university has verified the student record. 

No# 03: Disapproved

Here the situation can be tense if an applicant receives a result “Disapproved” which means that the person applying for the laptop scheme is not approved by the focal person of the university due to various factors which include:

  • An applicant may enter incorrect information about his academic details
  • Incorrect date of admission which can be easily caught by their university focal person,
  • It might be because of some administrative issue,
  • Or misconduct.

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No# 04: Accepted for Merit List

A student having this status indicates that the processing of the Provisional & Final Merit List will accept their record. 

No# 05: Selected 

If an applicant receives this message in his status check result then it is a piece of great news for him as this indicates that a person is selected on merit in the list of lucky winners of the laptops.

No# 06: Not Selected 

In contrast, if an applicant receives a message of “Not Selected” then this indicates that an applicant is not chosen using the fundamental eligibility tests used to create the merit list.

No# 07: Asset Issued

This result may be shown at a time when students who have already received laptops under any scheme or phase, current or past. Please get in touch with the focal person at your university if there is any discrepancy. 

No# 08: Waiting

Students with this “Waiting” result have the opportunity to be added to a chosen list. Should any chosen student be removed from the list because of policy violations, fraudulent information, or verification errors, the student with the “Waiting” status will be declared “Selected” and will receive the laptop. The laptop’s award is not guaranteed by the “Waiting” status.

No# 09: Not Eligible

In this case, if a person is shown ineligible this means that he does not deserve a laptop from the government after correction, verification, rectification, and execution of the eligibility criteria from the merit list of the student.

No# 10: N\A

This Merit Status indicates that the university has not yet created its Provisional/Final Merit list, indicating that the student record is still under processing for the merit list. 

These are all the possible results for your Laptop Scheme Status check Online, if you are also getting answers from the one mentioned above then read the simplest meaning of your result carefully.

Online Application For PM’s Laptop Scheme 2024

The most crucial aspect of this initiative is determining your eligibility for the PM’s laptop. The application process for this scheme is really easy and cost-free, and you may apply from anywhere.

By creating an account or updating their profile, students can apply online using the link to the Students’ Service Portal provided below. It is significant to remember that the web portal is used for registration. (Students may apply via a mobile application or online.) 

Eligibility Criteria for the PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Except for remote learning, students enrolled in public universities or degree-granting institutions have been properly recognized by HEC.

  • students engaged in an eighteen-year program equivalent to an MPhil, PhD, or MS.
  • Students enrolled in four- or five-year bachelor’s degree programs are offered in the morning and evening.
  • Students enrolled in MBA programs lasting one, two, and three years.

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List of Universities enroll 

The HEC has provided a list of participant universities so that students who are studying in those universities can easily apply through the Online Portal.

If you want to know the list of the universities included in the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme then Visit the following link:


In conclusion, checking your PM Laptop Scheme application status online is a straightforward and efficient process. By following the guidelines provided, you can easily determine your application’s status and understand the meaning of various possible outcomes. This article aims to simplify each step and clarify each result you might encounter. 


What is the PM’s Laptop Scheme 2024?

The third phase of the PMYP (Prime Minister Youth Program) laptop program, known as the PM Laptop Scheme 2024, would see the distribution of 100,000 laptops to deserving and gifted students around the country.

Is the laptop scheme 2024 available?

The PM Laptop Scheme 2024 application status can now be viewed online via the PM Laptop Scheme Portal. Online applications are accepted through June 30, 2024. Applications for the PM Youth Program can be made by students via

What is waiting in the PM laptop scheme?

The status “Waiting” signifies that although the student is eligible, their merit standing is comparatively lower. 

Who is eligible for the laptop scheme 2024?

Following are some of the main eligibility requirements for an applicant:

  • students engaged in an eighteen-year program equivalent to an MPhil, PhD, or MS.
  • Students enrolled in four- or five-year bachelor’s degree programs are offered in the morning and evening.
  • Students enrolled in MBA programs lasting one, two, and three years.

How to edit or make changes in the Prime Minister laptop scheme application form?

  1. Using the Search Focal Person page, find the Focal Person for your university, 
  2. get in touch with them, and update any information you need to give them.
  3. After verification, the focal person will update or modify your information.
  4. You can email HEC to request an information correction with the necessary supporting documentation 
  5. if the Departmental Focal Person and Super Focal Person have accepted or disapproved your information but you still feel that the information you provided to your application is inaccurate.
  6. A genuine CNIC copy (front and back) is needed in order to correct the CNIC.