PM’s Laptop Scheme Returns in 2024! | Online application, status check, eligibility and more

Here is an exciting piece of News for all the viewers including 8171 ehsaas program beneficiaries, the government of Pakistan has announced the revival of their Laptop Scheme all over the Province of Punjab. Once again there is a golden opportunity for all the eligible students of colleges and universities to apply for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024.

PM's Laptop Scheme Returns in 2024 [Apply Online Now]

In this article, I’ll tell you about the latest advances in phase 3 of the Laptop Scheme and who can apply for this Scheme. If you want to know the complete process of applying for the Laptop Scheme Online then continue reading as you will know the complete procedure step by step.

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How to apply Online For PM’s Laptop Scheme 2024

The application process of this Scheme is very simple and cost-free you can easily apply it from anywhere you are, the most important thing about this project is to check whether you are eligible for the PM’s Laptop or not.

The Students’ Service Portal link provided below allows students to apply online by making an account or updating their profile. It is important to note that registrations are conducted through the web portal. (Students can apply online or through a mobile application.) 

Website URL:

Universities included in the Laptop Scheme 

The HEC has provided a list of participant universities so that students who are studying in those universities can easily apply through the Online Portal.

If you want to know the list of the universities included in the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme then Visit the following link:

PM’s Laptop Scheme Returns in 2024 – Apply For phase-III

As you know PM’s Laptop Scheme has been introduced again with its phase III and many applicants have already registered for the Shabaz Sharif new Laptop Scheme. Therefore if you also want to register for the Laptop Scheme then do not worry, in this Post, you will know everything in detail. 

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Eligibility criteria 

PM of Pakistan has especially launched the scheme of free Laptops for those students who want to study hard but have very few financial resources to invest in electronic devices. 

Therefore this scheme has certain eligibility criteria which has to be met to receive a laptop from the government of Pakistan. Students enrolled in public universities or degree-granting institutions have received proper HEC recognition (with the exception of distance learning).

  • students enrolled in an 18-year program that is comparable to a PhD, MS, or MPhil.
  • Students enrolled in morning and evening bachelor’s degree programs lasting four or five years.
  • Pupils enrolled in three-year, two-year, and one-year MBA programs.

Who are ineligible for the PM’s Laptop Scheme 2024

Here is the list of Students who are not eligible for the Laptop under the PM Scheme 2024:

  • Students enrolling in any higher education institution (HEI) in the private sector.
  • Students enrolling in postgraduate and degree-granting government institutions as well as linked universities.
  • students who have previously benefited from laptops provided by national or local governments.
  • foreign nationals, with the exception of AJK students.
  • In the event that a student applies without using an online portal or does not receive their application online.
  • At the time of distribution, the laptop award’s eligibility will also be assessed. The student(s) will not receive the laptop if they are unable to provide the necessary paperwork and evidence of their academic achievement in comparison to the data that qualified them for the laptop.
  • any chosen student who completed their degree program before laptops were distributed.

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Free Laptop Scheme in Pakistan in 2024 

Prime Minister, Mia Shabaz Sharif, has once again brought the New Laptop Scheme for the students of Punjab. The government has recognized the significance of this fact and launched targeted initiatives to maximize youth potential, lower unemployment by supplying necessary skills, and foster an entrepreneurial culture. 

The Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme (PMYLS) Phase-III project has been approved by ECNEC. In this sense, a transparent online method would be used to give 100,000 laptops to brilliant kids based only on merit.

Check Your Application status for the PMYP Laptop Scheme [Online]

After Submitting your Application for the PM’s laptop, you need to check the status of your application every day so that you receive all the updates about your laptop and know when you will receive your Laptop from the government.

To check the status of your Laptop Scheme 2024, visit the link button given below:

Understand Application status and its meaning

Applied:The student has successfully submitted his/her application for new registration.
Verified:Student records have been confirmed by the concerned university focal person.
Disapproved:The student has been disapproved solely by the university focal person due to a few reasons which may include: incorrect academic details or date of admission, misconduct or administrative issues, etc.
Selected:You have been selected on merit for the award of a laptop.
Not Selected:The student is eligible but not selected due to a limited laptop quota.
Asset Issued:Students have already been issued a laptop in the previous scheme(s) / Phase(s). In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact your university’s focal person.

Update Your Information through Focal Person – Easy Guide

Have you already registered your application in the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme but now you want to update or correct the mistake in the form, then do not worry because now the advanced technology has made it very easy for all the students to easily update their information through a Focal Person.

Let’s begin the Simple steps:

  • Using the Search Focal Person page, find the Focal Person for your university, 
  • get in touch with them, and update any information you need to give them.
  • After verification, the focal person will update or modify your information.
  • You can email HEC to request an information correction with the necessary supporting documentation 
  • if the Departmental Focal Person and Super Focal Person have accepted or disapproved your information but you still feel that the information you provided to your application is inaccurate.
  • A genuine CNIC copy (front and back) is needed in order to correct the CNIC.

PM Laptop Scheme 2024 Phase III [Main Objectives] 

Whenever a new project or Scheme is launched for the betterment of society or Social development then there are always some sort of visions and objectives behind it, similar is the case with PM’s Laptop scheme.

Following are some of the Main objectives of Government to launch this project:

  • enhancing the standard of science and technology education, encompassing ICT.
  • forming alliances between businesses and the organizations that give them education and training.
  • enabling instantaneous networking and a better learning environment on smart campuses.
  • Boost manufacturing sector productivity and value addition.
  • to guarantee that the education sector benefits completely from the utilization of IT’s capabilities.
  • Boost efficiency and productivity by offering cutting-edge IT solutions. 

How the National laptops will be distributed amongst the Students [distribution strategy]

The Procedure of Selecting and then distributing the laptops with in eligible students is highly monitored and strict to ensure that all the laptops should be delivered to the eligible applicants of PM Youth Skill Development Beneficaries.

These are some of the advancements that have recently introduced in the project:

  1. When the student has submitted an online application via the HEC online portal before the deadline. The system can then classify pupils as eligible or ineligible based on that filter.
  2. The student’s information, including name, CNIC, department, degree level, last test percentage/CGPA, and other details, will be verified by the appropriate department’s focal person via their online focal person account.
  3. The University Focal Person is the only one who can verify anything.
  4. If a discrepancy is discovered in a student’s data, it will be updated or edited to reflect it once the student obtains their own record from the Institute.
  5. Depending on the application, the focal person has the authority to approve or disapprove the student or make the necessary corrections within the allotted period.
  6. The number of laptops allotted to each Institute will be determined by a predetermined quota that is specified in the eligibility and merit criteria.
  7. HEC will compile merit lists for each university through an automated process on the system after the deadline for verification has passed.
  8. The interim merit list will then be distributed by HEC to the institutes for cross-checking, and the institutes will cross-check and respond within 15 days.
  9. The HEC will distribute the final merit list among the Institutes in accordance with the eradication of any discrepancies from the provisional merit list.
  10. Each Institute is required to post the final merit list along with a distribution schedule on their website, notice board, or social media page.

Last Date For Shabaz Sharif Free Laptop Scheme

According to some of the valid resources, the last date for the PM‘s Laptop scheme is 30 June, 2024. Therefore you need to be quick to get your registration done in the program. Once your registration is completed then very easily you are able to check your Laptop scheme status Online from their web portal.

For Contact And Support:

If students have any comments or grievances about the program or their eligibility, they can file them with the Grievance Redressal Committees (GRCs) that have been established for that reason or they can get in touch with the University Super Focal Persons.

For additional details or questions, please get in touch with:

  • If more information is needed, students can also email HEC at [email protected].
  • Students can file complaints online by using the following contact number: 051-111-119-432 / 0334 111 9432.
  • Address: Sector H9 Building, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan


The revival of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme in 2024 presents a golden opportunity for eligible students across Punjab to acquire essential technological resources for their education. With a streamlined online application process and transparent selection criteria, the scheme aims to empower deserving individuals regardless of their financial constraints.

As the scheme progresses into its third phase, it is poised to not only distribute laptops but also to catalyze advancements in science, technology, and education. For those aspiring to benefit from this opportunity, prompt registration and diligent follow-up are advised to ensure a seamless experience.