Rs64.6bn Kisan Dost Package Announced By Punjab & 75 Billion Allocated For Kisan Cards

Rs64.6bn Kisan Dost Package Announced by Punjab & 75 Billion Allocated for Kisan Cards

Here is the latest Update for all the Farmers in Punjab who are waiting for Financial Support in their agricultural field, which has become more expensive and difficult these days. The Punjab government has allocated Rs 64.4 billion for the “Kisan Dost Package” as part of the budget scheme, promising to provide the farmer community with all available assistance to advance Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

In addition to this, the Punjab Finance Minister unveiled several additional packages and schemes, including one worth Rs. 75 billion for the Kisan Card, under which registration for Punjabi citizens has already begun. Read the if you’d like comprehensive information about the many Kisan Schemes that the government recently announced.

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Punjab Dost Package 2024 – Govt Allocate Rs 60.6bn

On Thursday, the Punjab administration led by Maryam Nawaz Sharif unveiled her first budget, which included an unprecedented annual development plan (ADP) worth Rs842 billion. In this budget speech, they announced the New Kisan Dost Package for which more than 60 Billion Rupees were allocated.

To promote the agricultural industry and boost the Country’s economy, this time much heed is given to the Farmer Community, The Punjab government has unveiled the historic and groundbreaking “Kisan Dost Package,” providing interest-free loans in addition to allocating a substantial sum of Rs 64.60 billion for the fiscal year 2024–25.

Punjab 2024-25 Budget: 75 Billion For Kisan Card

Punjab has proposed significant measures for agriculture and related fields under the provincial budget 2024–25 intending to transform the agriculture industry and guarantee water and food security. The provincial minister of finance declared that corruption in wheat procurement has been eliminated and that the government has chosen to give up on outdated agricultural techniques.

He stated that the Punjab Kisan Card has been allotted Rs75 billion, while agriculture has been given Rs64.60 billion in the budget. The food department has been allocated a total of Rs400 million under the Punjab Fiscal Year 2024–2025 Budget.

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500,000 Farmers will be Financially Supported By Kisan Card

The government has allotted Rupees 75 billion for the Kisan Card, which will give five lakh Pakistani farmers financial support, according to their most recent budget speech.

Up to 500,000 farmers in the Punjab province can now register for the Kisan Card, and as part of this program, they will receive sizable loans that are repayable within three months. The registration for kisan Card has been started since 1st June 2024.

Chief Minister Solarization of Agriculture Tubewells

The Solarization of Agriculture Tubewells plan, which would cost Rs9 billion and convert 7,000 tube wells to solar power, has been launched by the Chief Minister. The government’s dedication to sustainable agriculture practices and a decrease in the use of conventional energy sources is demonstrated by this ambitious undertaking. Farmers will experience lower operating costs and be able to support environmental conservation initiatives by using solar energy.

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Budget For Tractor Scheme and Agricultural Malls In Punjab 2024-25

In the new Punjab Budget Scheme, not only agriculture but all the other sectors related to Kisan have been looked, therefore some more amazing and helpful announcements were made by the Punjab Finance minister, which include an additional Rs 30 billion has been set aside under the Chief Minister Green Tractor Scheme to provide tractors to farmers on easy, interest-free installments. Additionally, Rs 1.25 billion will be spent on the construction of Model Agricultural Malls around Punjab.

Furthermore, a sum of Rs 2 billion has been set aside for the “Livestock card,” which would allow farmers to borrow money for dairy production in their communities and pay it back in manageable installments.


The Punjab government’s allocation of Rs 64.6 billion for the Kisan Dost Package and Rs 75 billion for the Kisan Card in the 2024-25 budget marks a significant stride towards supporting the agricultural community.

With additional provisions for solarizing agriculture tube wells and promoting modern farming practices through schemes like the Chief Minister Green Tractor Scheme and Model Agricultural Malls, Punjab is poised to enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture.