FESCO Bill Online Check Latest Update | 2023-24

Do you want to check your Fesco Duplicate Bill Online check every month? 

Then you have arrived at the right portal because you can now check your monthly Fesco bill here which is free of cost. You may now read, download, and print a physical copy of your FESCO bill in just one step. To obtain your FESCO Online bill, enter your 14-digit reference number and click the “generate bill” option.

Save reference number for next time

The above is given your way to FESCO online bill check all you have to do is to enter your bill reference number or customer ID and tab on search then your complete Bill will open in front of you from here you can view your monthly Bill and also Print it out if you want.

You can also check your PESCO Bill Online Check for the more efficient way to learn your monthly Bill electricity

What exactly is a 14-digit Fesco Bill reference number, and how can I locate one?

The 14-digit number is assigned by FESCO (Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company) which works as a unique identifier for each FESCO bill. This number is required to make payments, view bill data, and access other FESCO services online. 

FESCO Bill Online Check

How to Find your Fesco Online Bill reference number:

It is very easy to look for the Fesco Bill reference Number as it is already mentioned in all Bills, hence one can simply know about his FESCO reference Number from his previous bill. It is usually toward the top of the bill, along with other vital information like your account number and consumer ID.

In that case, if your FESCO Duplicate Bill has been lost or you are not able to find your FESCO reference number then follow the steps below to know your Bill Number:

  • Visit FESCO’s website.
  • Only input your 14-digit reference number in the designated field.
  • Then, Click on the “Check Bill” button to generate your bill

Then your FESCO Duplicate Bill is shown in front of you with other required details, free of cost.

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How to track your FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 | Complete Guide 

There are various ways to readily check your FESCO Online Check Bill, one of the most prevalent of which is by searching it online through its official website.  

Using the FESCO Online Bill Website

  • Go to https://8171ehsaasprograme.pk/fesco-bill/ 
  • to access the FESCO Bill Check page.
  • In the designated field, enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID.
  • Select the “Search” option.
fesco bill online check 2023

All your Fesco Bill details will be shown to you in the new tab. From there you can easily print, download, or Duplicate your Bill which is completely free of charge.

FECSO Online Bill Check By Using Reference Number 

Another important way to check your Fesco Duplicate Bill is through the website link given below.

  • You can use your bill’s 14-digit reference number and check your bill at FESCO Bill.
  • In the designated field, enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID.
  • Select the “Check Bill” option.

The basic and important Aims of the FESCO Online Bill 

Following are some of the crucial objectives of the FESCO bill are : 

Providing a simple and efficient method for consumers to pay their power bills:

FESCO provides its clients with a number of payment choices that make it simple for clients to pay their bills on time and avoid late fees.

Generating revenue for FESCO:

FESCO is a business organization that must produce income to cover the costs of energy production and delivery. The FESCO Bill is the company’s principal source of revenue.

Providing information to customers: 

FESCO offers precise information about its customers’ power usage, including monthly consumption patterns and peak usage hours.

Tracking customer electricity consumption:

FESCO analyzes client power use to identify possible problems such as excessive consumption or strange usage trends

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Fesco Email Billing Service 

Customers can get their electricity invoices electronically with the free FESCO Email Billing Service. Customers who wish to have a record of their invoices online or who would prefer not to receive paper bills may find this service convenient.

Customers must provide their email addresses and choose the kinds of emails they want to receive, such as bill notifications, payment reminders, or outage alerts, in order to register for the FESCO Email Billing Service. By going into their FESCO Online Customer Portal and choosing the “Email Services” option, customers can also join up for the service.

FESCO Help and Customer Support 

Complaint Service 1-888-219-9137
Production Testing and Flowback Service 1-888-234-5372
Wireline service1-888-221-1859
Headquarters 1-800-375-3479

FESCO Check Bill Taxes 2023 | Latest Update

In the table below, it includes all the taxes and fees of the Fesco bill: 

Sales TaxA tax levied on the sale of goods and services. The sales tax rate for electricity in Pakistan is 17%.
Income TaxA tax levied on the income of individuals and businesses. The income tax rate for electricity in Pakistan is 7.5% for non-filers and 15% for filers.
General Sales Tax (GST)A tax levied on the sale of goods and services. The GST rate for electricity in Pakistan is 5%.
Additional Sales TaxAn additional tax levied on the sale of certain goods and services, including electricity. The additional sales tax rate for electricity in Pakistan is 1%.
Meter RentA charge for the rental of an electricity meter. The meter rent varies depending on the type of meter.
Service RentA charge for the provision of electricity services. The service rent varies depending on the type of connection and the consumption of electricity.


Your reference number is written on the left side of your bill below the Consumer Number and your reference number is 14 digits you can view in the photo above.

Your Consumer ID is written on the left side of your bill with the heading of Consumer ID, 10 digits. A distinct number known as our customer ID is also linked to your FESCO account. Your FESCO bill or a customer care inquiry might provide you with your customer ID.

The following details are available online for your FESCO bill:

  • Your account number 
  • Your reference number 
  • Deadline for bill payment
  • The amount of Bill
  • Taxes on your Bill 
  • Your history of payments