Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 25000 |8171 Web Portal

Ehsaas program occasionally releases several cash schemes for the families who are eligible for it. To register to receive huge cash values from the government, you must put your CNIC number in the web portal:

Ehsaas Program CNIC check online registration metod -2023-24

This web portal originated to facilitate the user with its faster services because SMS through their helpline 8171 sometimes seems a slow method. Therefore, it is launched for the Ehsaas program CNIC check online.

احساس پروگرام کبھی کبھار ان خاندانوں کے لیے کئی نقد سکیمیں جاری کرتا ہے جو اس کے اہل ہیں۔ حکومت سے بھاری نقدی وصول کرنے کے لیے رجسٹر کرنے کے لیے، آپ کو اپنا شناختی نمبر ویب پورٹل پر ڈالنا ہوگا۔

Ehsaas program CNIC check online 25000 registration | 2023

If a person is looking for his registration status in the ehsaas program list, then its system has launched a very convenient platform where you can check your registration online.

ehsaas program traking status check online

Most importantly, this service only applies to those previously enrolled to check their eligibility status.

Ehsaas program CNIC check online via a Web portal 

To verify if you are eligible for these beneficial aids and services under the program, these Ehsaas Program CNIC check Online have been released. 

There are no possibilities for mismanagement as a biometric thumb system is introduced, which makes it faster and more reliable.

Following are a few steps for CNIC check through the website portal

  • Go to your browser and write  in the URL.
  • Similar to the picture below, a form will appear
  • In the first box, Enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter the captcha code and submit.
  • As you enter the submit button, you will be directed to another page, where the details of all the eligible beneficiaries will appear.
ehsas program online registration portal

As you enter the submit button, you will be directed to another page, where the details of all the eligible beneficiaries will appear.

As you enter the submit button, you will be directed to another page, where the details of all the eligible beneficiaries will appear.

جیسے ہی آپ جمع کرائیں بٹن داخل کریں گے، آپ کو دوسرے صفحہ پر بھیج دیا جائے گا، جہاں تمام اہل مستفید ہونے والوں کی تفصیلات ظاہر ہوں گی۔ جیسے ہی آپ جمع کرائیں بٹن داخل کریں گے، آپ کو دوسرے صفحہ پر بھیج دیا جائے گا، جہاں تمام اہل مستحقین کی تفصیلات سامنے آئیں گی۔ ظاہر ہونا

Ehsaas program CNIC check online via SMS service

This method is older than the newly arrived system of web portals. In this method, an applicant must send a message to check their existing status for Ehsaas Program 12000 online check.

Following are the few steps to check your Ehsaas eligibility through SMS

  • Open your message app 
  • Write your NADRA CNIC number and send it to 8171
  •  After a pause of a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation text
Check your ehsaas program status by sending sms to 8171 - full procedure

Verification by Thumb 

Thumb verification is a very common and the most common situation built up for eligible people, but their thumbs do not match as they go to the bank for their money transaction. 

An easy and simple solution for these is to visit the nearest NADRA branch and submit your documents. Just after the verification, you will be added to their list. 

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Eligibility Criteria 

Some restrictions and requirements are setting up the eligible criteria for applicants. The 

Following is the list ;

  • He/she must be a resident of Pakistan. 
  • Applicant must not be receiving any other form of aid from any other programs.
  • The person must be living a life below the poverty line. 

If the native does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, he is not eligible for the application.

Ehsaas Kafalat program CNIC check online 2023 (new update)

One of the most important things before applying for these ehsas kafalat program is to look into the eligibility criteria set out by our department, as this application would only be accepted if you fully meet our criteria, and will be eligible for Ehsaas Program CNIC check online 25000.

The second most important thing is to confirm that your CNIC card must not expire and your mobile sim should be registered via CNIC.

Follow these steps to validate your suitability for these CNIC programs: 

  • Write your CNIC number from your ID card in SMS and send it to 8171 
  • After a few seconds, you will get a verification message from our team. 
  • In the response message, you can now check your eligibility
  • If you are eligible for our GOVT program, then another Verification SMS will arrive
  • After that, visit your area Ehsaas office and receive your amount in cash.


If you have a bank account, you will also get your money transferred to it.

NSER Survey Ehsaas program CNIC check online 2023

One of the best measures taken by the Pakistani government is the NSER survey. This initiative allotted 2000 rupees monthly to the women who are really in need. According to their survey, they reached out to those women who are widows and deserving. A person can manually register himself via NSER slip if he is truly eligible.

Ehsaas Program  NSER survery form online

After the NSER survey, they receive the date on which their money would be delivered to them by the income support team.

Required documents 

There are some documents that a person is required to carry with him if he is visiting the BISP office for the National Socio-economic Registry (NSER) 

  • Death certificate of a person if a lady is a widow
  • National Identity Card 
  • Children’s Bay form 
  • Gas and electricity Bill of the house 
  • Senior citizens above 60 years old ID card

How to register for BISP Ehsaas Program 2023

This year, a new census is done through which the govt workforce visits door to door and gathers all the data of women who have yet to benefit from the Ehsaas program CNIC check online. The government staff keeps all the information about the widows and the deserving benefits whose financial status needs to be timely. This program form will start again as their counting ends.  

To receive your amount and resubmit your form, visit our website so we can facilitate you in all possible ways.

All you need to do is send your CNIC number to the official website 8171 ehsaas program so that the Ehsaas program CNIC check online registration can verify you through your CNIC.

BISP Ehsaas Program new updates 

As you know, the Ehsaas program and Benazir Income Support program are amalgamated so that the applicants exempted from BISP are now re-enlisted through their eligibility at the NSER registration center per the authority’s decision. Every four-month installment has been announced in August, which you can get from the HBL office or Ehsaas center.

Ehsaas program CNIC check online registration new update August- 2023

There’s a great announcement for freshers previously restricted to the ehsaas program. This program began with renewal policies for non-eligible who can also enroll themselves but under some rules.  

If you are a widow and want financial aid every month, you must submit your husband’s death certificate to NADRA and visit our website, where you must fill out the ehsaas program form. After which, you will get a verification message from our site so that you can visit any nearest branch of our portal to receive your 7000rupees. 

who is not eligible for the 8171 check online 2023?

 Some of the applicant requests have been canceled after a vast survey of Nadra registration offices. According to some of the latest updates and criteria, only people who are truly eligible for the Ehsaas Program CNIC check online 25000 get their money.

Here is the list of applicants whose requests are not accepted 

  • One who is part of any government sector 
  • One who owned his own house or vehicle and more plots in their name
  • One already receives financial aid from federal, local, or state agencies.

Ehsaas emergency cash program 2023 | Latest Update

This latest launched program has brought much greater relief for lower-class families. This ehsaas emergency cash Program not only targets a simple community in Pakistan but also has a much wider impact on its fellow citizens. 

Their relief is set up for these communities, which includes 

  • Poor women 
  • Widows
  • Homeless citizens
  • Orphans 
  • Low-income farmers
  • Disabled 
  • And all those workers who earn their income below the average
ehsaas emergency cash in this picture showing the cash money

8171 Disable Person Program 

Pakistan’s government has taken very beneficial steps for all the disabled and special people out there through the Ehsaas Disable Program. In this policy, all the disabled or special people who registered for the 8171 disabled program will receive 2000 rupees every month. 

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But for this purpose, there must be the verification of their disability in their CNIC card by NADRA.

And if you face any further complications, you can easily consult with the Govt workers, who will assist you in every possible way. 

How to withdraw Ehsaas Cash from HBL ATM?

Following are the few steps through which you can receive your ehsaas cash from bank HBL :

Cash withdrawal from HBL Atm full Procedure
  1. When you visit the HBL Bank ATM, click the green button 
  2. Now the language option will be shown up to you, so select your language as Urdu 
  3. Click on the button showing the ehsaas program to get your 12000 money 
  4. After that, you need to enter your CNIC 
  5. At last, you have to put your thumb and fingers in the biometric machine for verification purposes
  6. And it would be done.

What is the ehsaas program? 

The word ehsaas, which means “Sympathy,” is beautifully used to name this program and works similarly. This program was set up by the Tehreek-e-Insaf government in the time of COVID when the lower class people were immensely affected.

8171 Ehsaas Program

The main agenda of this scheme is to provide moral and financial support to the poor and marginalized communities of this country and to make them feel about their value to this country. The main purpose of their launch is to eliminate inequality and bring economic stability to the country. 

List of Ehsaas Program 2023

 The government is releasing many of the reliving components under this program, which Includes

Amadan Program:

This initiative focuses on those poor class people who cannot make their income and lack any skills, so through this program, those people, mainly women, are provided with skills and specialization in many different fields by money To enable them to earn their income based on their skills.

Ehsaas Amdan Program

Ehsaas buzurg program:

This program was first launched by Imran Khan in the year 2011. Through this project, old citizens aged 60 or above can be assisted under this project. They work out by giving 2000 rupees to this age group people every month. The number of registered people is 125000 in this program.

The registration process is as simple as others. Just like the one who wants to have cash from this project, visit any branch nearest them from where they received a card, through which the money transfer system will start.

Ehsaas rashan program :

The Pakistani government launched this program in 2020 in response to the pandemic, which became the reason for the immense breakdown in many countries. This scheme benefits impoverished people through subsidized food rations given to low-income families in Pakistan. 

Note: Only eligible families can apply for the ehsaas rashan program.

Ehsaas youth program :

This project seems profitable and advantageous for our rising youth. Our Youth cover so many aspects. They provide much better prospects to the young ones to try their level best in improving their way of life and also serve the country economically, including the number of schemes such that ;

  • Prime Minister loan scheme 
  • Laptop scheme
  • Skills development scheme
  • Green youth movement