Solution for the deduction in BISP Payment | Bank Accounts for women

The Benazir Income Support Programme is one of the most popular assistance provider initiatives in Pakistan that is working tirelessly for the betterment of the poor community of Pakistan. In this Program, they provide aid in the form of money which is given to the Eligible and registered women in the Benazir Kafalat program through CNIC check.

Solution for the deduction in BISP Payment | Bank Accounts for women

Muhammad Amjad Saqib has figured out the best way to get around the deduction in the BISP payment of 10500. As is well known, the BISP is still giving its January to March payments to eligible individuals; however, there are numerous obstacles that a beneficiary must overcome to receive their entire amount.

What is the Solution for the deduction in the BISP Payment?

Benazir Kafalat’s new payment has arrived and more than half the beneficiaries also receive their payments through camps and shops, but one of the difficulties that is causing problems for the women is that they receive their 10500 Payments after deduction.

What is the Solution for the deduction in the BISP Payment

In this instance, the BISP senior leadership surveyed the beneficiary ladies at several locations, listening to their concerns and inquiries about the best way to handle the BISP payment deduction

One of the Biggest Complaints of Women related to the BISP program

The majority of the beneficiary women’s concerns throughout the survey were that they were not paid on time and that the amount they received was significantly less than what they were paid. Dr. Amjad Saaqib spoke with the women attentively and answered each of their questions one by one. 

What is the Solution given by the women?

On asking about the solution for how to overcome the deduction in the BISP Payment all the women replied that there should be a bank account for the women so that they can easily receive their full payment without any deduction.

The Beneficaries ladies are very stiff on their demand and request the government and program management to allow them to visit banks and also allow the easy transaction through ATMs

BISP working on the BISP Payment distribution through the bank

As you have already read, the most frequent issue that women in the Benazir Kafalat Program deal with is also one that may be solved to lessen the impact of the withdrawal from the BISP 10500 payment. As a result, the entire system has finally taken action and is working extremely hard to eliminate any obstacles that stand in the way of their recipients getting their monthly payments. 

In this case, the government and program’s team are working on a project in which they will open new bank accounts for the women and also provide them with ATM cards so that they can receive their payments from the Benazir Income Support program without any deduction.

Benazir Social Protection Account 2024 

The latest launch of the 8171 BISP program Benazir Social Protection Account was organized by the NBP National Bank of Pakistan, with the collaboration of BSP and BISP. NBP is dedicated to transforming how women can access financial resources, promoting their success and overall empowerment.

The key features of the Benazir Social Protection Account:

Financial Education:

The most significant detail here is that all Beneficiaries received training and understanding from their officials on how to manage all the resources and equipment and use it for financial services, making them more familiar with all the banking accessories.

Digital Transactions:

Account customers get simple access to a variety of digital banking services, such as the fastest mobile app, PayPak debit/ATM cards, and secure transactions, allowing women to effortlessly pay bills, save money, and BISP stipend. 


The deduction issue in BISP payments has been effectively tackled through the establishment of Benazir Social Protection Accounts. This solution, driven by the voices of beneficiary women and implemented through collaboration between government and banking institutions, ensures that women receive their full payments without deductions.