Mariyam Nawaz Bikes E-Balloting Completed [2024] | Names of the Lucky winners will be out Soon

As per the most recent update from the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme, the date of the E-Balloting of Bikes took place on May 11, 2024. All the lucky applicants who took part in the CM Bikes E-Balloting have now finished, and the names of the Lucky Winners who will receive their Bikes in the first phase in very easy installments have been finalized. 

Mariyam Nawaz Bikes E-Balloting Completed [2024] | Names of the Lucky winners will be out Soon

Read this article to gain further details about the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme and know if you can still register for this Scheme. You can check out the Names of the Lucky Winners for Punjab Electronic and Petrol Bikes, Females and Males:

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Punjab CM Bikes E-Balloting 11 May 2024

It has been decided and announced by the Punjab government 11, May 2024, would be the date of the Punjab Bike Scheme 2024 balloting. The minister of transportation for the province expressed satisfaction with the students’ enthusiasm.

The government received more applications from female students than from male students, according to the officials. Meanwhile, the launch of a free motorbike program for girls was recently announced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

CM Bikes E balloting completed - know the list of winners

Punjab Bikes E-Balloting 2024 Updates 

Bilal Akbar Khan, the provincial minister of transportation, used e-balloting to distribute motorcycles into four groups. Participants praised the program, which is a component of the CM’s Youth Initiative, for empowering women.

Minister Bilal Akbar Khan emphasized the program’s cultural influence and revealed intentions to expand the number of e-bikes during the second phase.

Youth who spontaneously joined the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme and applied for the 20,000 bikes responded in abundance. 

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As a result, the data of received Applications are shown below:

Total Applications Received72,640
Petrol Bikes Applications Received57,370
e-Bikes Applications Received15,270

What is meant by Post-Balloting Scrutiny

Following the completion of the e-balloting, the BOP will examine the Guarantor/Co-Borrower’s finances. BOP has the right to request further documentation during this post-balloting examination. Only those pupils whose post-balloting scrutiny by BOP proves to be satisfactory will ultimately be certified successful and receive Bikes. For this purpose, the applicant students must submit the necessary documentation with their online application.

List of Winning Students in Punjab Bike E-Balloting

As we all know the E-balloting of the CM Bike was completed on 11 May and now all the people are eagerly waiting for the result announcement.

Then you do not have to worry as the names of the Lucky winners of the Punjab Motorcycle scheme are finalized and will be announced in a few days. To get all the authentic and updated information stay connected to 

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Punjab Motor Cycle Scheme Registrations 2024

Registrations in Punjab Bike Scheme have been closed on 29th April, therefore Now No more. Applications are accepted by the government. But hopefully, the registrations for motorcycles will be announced soon on this site.  

You must be eligible for the bike to register for the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme. Only those who truly require a workable transportation solution are able to purchase CM Bikes.  

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Students’ Motorcycle Installments and Down Payment Plan

The monthly cost for male students enrolled in the Punjab Motor Cycle scheme is Rs 11,676, while the monthly installment for female students is Rs 7,325. Students who are approved for the scheme must submit a down payment of Rs 25,000. Distribution will be determined by population density; the first phase will primarily focus on cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, and Multan.

Petrol Bikes (19,000)Electric Bikes (1000)
A downpayment of Rs 25000A downpayment of Rs 25000
11,676 For Male Students700 For Male Students
7,324 For Female Students300 For Female Students

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) will provide an installment plan to each accepted candidate. The candidate has to employ that tactic. If they wish to pay off the loan in full sooner, they may choose to do so after speaking with the BOP.

Note: The bike’s registration fee is not included in the mentioned price. The cost of the bike’s insurance is, however, covered by the payment/installment plan.

Who can apply for the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme 2024?

An excellent chance to provide transportation for over 800,000 kids in the province. Here are a few of the fundamental prerequisites:

  • An applicant must be older than eighteen years old.
  • An applicant must be enrolled full-time in a degree program at an officially recognized institution or university by HEC.
  • An applicant must have a valid learner’s permit or motorbike driver’s license.

More Applications have been received in the first phase than the allotted quotas, therefore e-balloting has taken place.


In conclusion, the completion of the CM Bikes E-Balloting marks a significant milestone in the implementation of the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme for 2024. With the finalization of the winners’ list, the anticipation among applicants is palpable as they eagerly await the announcement of the lucky recipients.

As registrations have closed for now, prospective applicants are encouraged to stay updated for future announcements. The installment and down payment plans, meticulously outlined, ensure accessibility to the scheme’s beneficiaries. With the Bank of Punjab’s support, the dream of owning a motorbike becomes a tangible reality for many deserving individuals.