8171 BISP Card Registration Online New Update | September 2023-24 

The BISP authority has released a card based on that card an eligible person for BISP aid can easily withdraw their payments from their bank account. It is very similar to our debit cards. 

8171 BISP Card Registration Online 2023-24

Now many of you face so many complications just to know how you would apply for a BISP card or how to get an 8171 BISP card online registration, Just in this case to sort out your problem I bring this article to you so that you could get an answer of all your queries.

Bisp 8171 new payment through BISP card 

The Bisp management had taken a great step towards the advancement of money money-transferring process, It stated that all the Bisp recipients can get the quarterly payments and the scholarships of children every three months, and the money will be automatically directed to their account without delay so they can then withdraw the cash from any nearby HBL ATM.

BISP card registration Online apply 

This brings a great opportunity for all those underprivileged families who are not looking for ways to join the BISP program but due to many circumstances, they were not able to make up. so in case the government of Pakistan again begins the process of online registration for BISP card. 

Here all the eligible applicants can register for their cards so that they can withdraw their money from their bank account without any type of difficulty and can meet their requirements with the BISP assistance.

How to apply for a BISP card? This is one of the major questions in many of your minds so here in this article you will get to know each and everything in a more accurate way. 

When applying for the Bisp card person needs to enter his CNIC number and his mobile phone number in the form, After that all this information is received by the Bisp team. This facility is basically generated by the government so that they can facilitate the poor community of Pakistan and this system is applicable through all the districts of the country.

BISP card registration 2023 by Mobile

Now for those applicants who want to register for the Benazir Income support card through their mobile, they are required to register themselves in Bisp by entering their CNIC number in their phone inbox and sending this SMS to <8171> after which they confirm you about your eligibility. 

If you are surely eligible you will going to receive an approval SMS from their site. Now you can visit any nearby 8171 BISP portal and register all your Information so that they can make a BISP card for you  This is one of the most feasible steps taken up by the government for those poor people who cannot do their registration because the internet problems can easily register their name through mobile phone.

How to get BISP card registration through the nearest BSIP office 

If you prefer to register through their official portal, you can do so by visiting any nearby BISP office from your home and providing them with all the required information. You will then be registered as a recipient.

At the BISP office, their representatives will ask you some of your personal questions which you need to answer correctly without any wrong or invalid information because any little mistake can cause your registration incomplete and then your card will not formed.

Who is applicable for BISP card | eligibility criteria 

For those people who are in search of their eligibility criteria and want to know the requirements set for the Bisp card are mentioned below:-

Eligibilty check for BISP card 2023-24
  • You should be a poor citizen of Pakistan 
  • Your income should be less than 30,000
  • You should not own any land or vehicle of yours 
  • Your poverty score should be less than 30 
  • You should have a nationality of Pakistan 

How to get a BISP Card 2023

As mentioned, this is a simple and efficient way to obtain your BISP card in 2023. First, you have to confirm if you are meeting their eligibility criteria. Then, go to your nearest Benazir Income Support (BISP) portal and provide them with your personal information. The representatives will then add you to their list and inform you when and how you will receive your BISP card. Once you have your Benazir card, you can easily withdraw cash from your account at any time.

how to get bisp card online full method

How you can withdraw your payment from BISP Card 2023

The very straightforward method to get your Bisp amount through the Bisp card is described below in very simple words.

  • On the day the BISP money is transferred to the beneficiaries’s accounts, go to your nearest HBL ATM with your BISP card
  • Insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN. 

The ATM will then ask you to verify your identity using your fingerprint. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can withdraw your money from the ATM.

BISP Unblock Cards Blocked by Previous Govt 2022

In the previous year, management blocked some of the BISP cards. But now after certain inspections and changes, the government has decided to unblock many of the  Bisp cards which were previously blocked. for this purpose, a list of many people has been made to clear their Benazir cards so that with the use of the Benazir income support card they could again receive financial aid. 

The government of 2022 gave the go-ahead for the displacement of over 800,000 beneficiaries. Therefore the decision has been made to re-evaluate these people into the program and their BISP cards should be renewed.

Bisp contact number and address

Contact Number: 0800-26477, 051-9246326
Address:Benazir Income Support Programme F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
Official Website: bisp.gov.pk