BISP registration check by CNIC Payment | 2024 Updates

The BISP program has set up several portals in different areas of Pakistan, and up to 600 benazir income support offices have been established where you can easily register yourself. 

But suppose you are looking for a more convenient way to complete your registration at home. In that case, this article will guide you thoroughly according to your requirements. 

bisp registration check by cnic online registraton

Benazir income support program has released its new portal where you can easily check your eligibility through a BISP registration check by CNIC, and the most fascinating part of this platform is that it is online. Therefore, if you are new to this program or declared ineligible, Bisp has recently published its new program, from where you can fill out the form and check your eligibility. 

BISP registration check by CNIC new Update!

Here’s a new and fresh update for all the elderly and disabled people

new update for old people in BISP

Special relief has been given to elderly and disabled people as they face many hurdles through registration. Soon, their registration will be done, whereas the rest of the citizens can visit on working days according to availability. The new update also includes the addition of transgender in their program. They can also register themselves on weekdays. 

Bisp 8171 online registration Check

Benazir income support chairperson has agreed to add 7 million more women to this program, so you must register by visiting any nearby office of the BISP program. According to our data, many people get scams for registering online for BISP. In contrast, there has yet to be an ONLINE web page established for an applicant to register, so you should search for any BISP office for your registration.

Benazir Kafalat 10500 New Payment 2024

According to the latest update from BISP official pages, all the Beneficiaries who are eligible for the 8171 Ehsaas program can receive their payments from the ATMs and this method is valid from 15 February so that people can receive their payments without any heavy amount deduction.

The Benazir Income Support Program has announced the new Payment cash for February and March which is a monthly 10500, the date for the distribution of the money may be exceeded by the government. If you have not enrolled in Benazir Taleemi Wazaif and Benazir Nashonuma Program Online Registration then complete your BISP CNIC Registration from your nearest Tehsil center or you can also do it Online.

Important Note:

In 2024, there has been no Online Registration for the BISP beneficiaries and the method that is active for the Benazir Kafalat Registration is by visiting the bisp Tehsil Centers and completing your registration through the BISP Dynamic Survey.

However, you can check your BISP Payment status or eligibility for the 8171 program through their official page or via SMS to “8171“.

No Fees for BISP 10500 Payment of March

In Pakistan, beneficiaries of the BISP are still receiving 8171 Cash. The majority of eligible people have already received their full 10500 payment through ATMs and BISP Cash Delivery Centers by using their CNIC cards. Some receive their money while it is being sent after deductions, or they receive it after paying a fee to the retailer or another person responsible for transferring your money securely.

Therefore everyone needs to remember this thing that there are No Fees for the BISP 10500 Payment and you have to receive your full cash with a receipt for verification.

BISP 8171 result check by CNIC online

First, you must register for the BISP program according to your eligibility. If you are already registered in Bisp, then you can easily check your 8171 benazir income support result by CNIC online via writing your CNIC number on 8171.

 Here are a few steps for showing you the correct method of checking your results online

  • GO to your mobile inbox
  • Enter your national identity card number 
  • Send it to their code “8171.”
  • You will receive a confirmation message related to your eligibility 

BISP online registration 2024

bisp online registration new update 2023

Documents required for registration :

  • Your CNIC (Identity card )
  • Your family size 
  • Details about your income
  • A photograph and thumbnail impression 

You can easily check your BISP registration status by sending your CNIC number at 8171 BISP code, visiting their site, or calling their helpline number 0800-11112.

BISP registration check by CNIC 2024 online 

You can easily check your BISP registration status by dialing SMS on 8171 and sending your CNIC number from the ID card. You can also check the BISP registration check by CNIC online. 

In this article, we have thoroughly guided you and provided you with all the information regarding this online BISP registration check by CNIC 2023. If you want to know more, you can also check the BISP tehsil office 

BISP check by CNIC Online 2023 had responded to media queries that a person can send their CNIC 13-digit number to the BISP code 8171, and they will send you a message related to their BISP status and their eligibility 

Their eligibility criteria is further elaborated in the following points 

  • خاندان کی مجموعی آمدنی 40,000 روپے سے کم ہو۔
  • خاندان میں کم از کم 4 افراد ہوں۔
  • گھریلو head ایک عورت ہونی چاہیے۔
  • گھر کا کوئی مرد نہیں ہونا چاہیے۔
  • خاندان کے کسی بھی رکن کے پاس کار نہیں ہونی چاہیے۔
  • خاندان کے کسی بھی رکن کے پاس گزشتہ 3 سال میں کوئی بیرون ملک سفر نہیں ہونا چاہیے۔

You can register online if you meet the criteria mentioned earlier, as you can now find it much easier to check if you are meeting them. 

Bisp check balance by CNIC online 2024  

Below are the following steps from which you can check your BISP check balance by CNIC online 

  • Visit the BISP website
  • Enter the check balance tab 
  • Enter your CNIC number and security code
  • Now click on the submit button 

You will see your BISP check balance 2023 online on the other page. In any case, you might not be able to access it online, so you can also get information about your balance check by calling this number: 0800-11112.

Bisp registration 25000

People from all over Pakistan can send their CNIC number to 8171 near Karachi to check their results online. People in Punjab, such as Lahore Multan or Sukkur, can also check their BISP status by sending a message to this code. 

25000 BISP registration check by CNIC online 

The 25000 BISP registration check by CNIC online is not possible as, according to their statements, they have discontinued the system for BISP online registration since 2022. The only way to register is through National Socio-economic Registry (NSER) registration. 

All the requirements you need to take while visiting these camps are already mentioned in this article. So you must check it out.

BISP payment check 

You can check your BISP payment check in a few methods. 

8171 bisp 25000 cnic check online 2023 payment procedure

Through SMS: 

To know your payment status, you can send your CNIC number with BISP written to their code <8171> via SMS. Within a few seconds, you will get the information about your payment check.

Through call: 

You can also call their helpline number, 0800-11112, and inquire about your BISP payment status. 


You can also check your payment status online by visiting their website and clicking the box saying payment check. Then, they will ask about the security code and CNIC number. After submitting this information, click on the submit button.

Eligibility criteria 

The eligibility criteria for this program by BISP registration check by CNIC online 2023 are given below 

  • People who are disabled or have mental illness 
  • According to a new update, transgender can also register 
  • Women who are financially very unstable or who are widows
  • Older adults more than 60 years of age 
  • The households whose income is very low or who do not own any property 

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BISP registration check by CNIC Online 2024 

To apply for the BISP program or to check your status by BISP registration check by CNIC online 2024, you are required to send your CNIC details on this code <8171>, which will show all the information of your BISP status. If you have registered yourself, then it will show your balance check. It will show you whether you are eligible for the BISP program.

It may also confirm in the BISP registration check by CNIC that you are qualified for this program and may show you how much more time is required to apply to the Benazir Income Support Program. This scheme is not limited to any region; you can apply anywhere, from Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, and many more districts. 

How do I check my New BISP payment? 

You can receive your online payment for BISP registration by CNIC after verification from government officials; no other sector can send money on behalf of this program, like private authority or any 3rd company. This method is an online process of sending a message on <8171>.

If you are eligible for this program, the government official will send you a message, and the procedure for money transactions will be started after your registration. 

BISP hotline number 2023 | BISP registration check by CNIC 8171

CONTACT0800-26477, 051-9246326
ADDRESSBenazir Income Support Scheme, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
BISP official 2023 Application form verification 

  • ATMs accept your card for withdrawal 
  • You must enter your CNIC card number. 
  • The balance of possibilities can be seen by clicking on the option
  • You can now check your remaining balance 
  • The Benazir income support program was called in 2023 before it was the Ehsaas program, and now they have also started a system of online verification of the BISP program
  • Before the deadline, this program will be available to all the eligible citizens of Pakistan