BISP Program New Changes – CNIC Check 2024 Online

Here is the Latest Update for all the viewers and BISP Beneficaries that the Benazir Income Support Program had announced a big News about their new chairperson and what changes will be made for the betterment of the Society.

The Bisp announced Rubina Khalid as its new chairperson on May 10, 2024. That same day, she took over and gave a highly inspiring speech to the organization’s employees. She also highlighted some of the important aspects of the BISP Program which will be discussed in this article.

BISP Program New Changes - CNIC Check 2024 [Latest Update]

If you are a Beneficaries of the BISP Program and also received Payment from the government then you can easily check your 8171 CNIC status Online from the link button given below:

8171 CNIC Check

BISP Program New Changes [2024 Update]

The Benazir Income Support Program has selected a new chairman, who has assumed her position in the BISP office, according to the most recent update. During her speech to the team, she focused a lot on the need to properly monitor the system’s transparency and to remind them that serving the country’s citizens is their first priority. As such, they should not tolerate any form of irresponsibility or laziness in their work. 

Now people who have been waiting for their new monthly payment must register themselves first in the BISP Program so that they can get their payment without any delay. If you are still confused is there any way you can register it from your home or without undergoing a survey process then remember; 

The 8171 Ehsaas Program does not offer an online registration option for beneficiaries. Instead, individuals wishing to register through the BISP Tehsil Center must complete the BISP Dynamic survey, which is available not only at the Tehisl centers but also via the BISP Mobile Van, which has been operating recently to serve areas where residents find it difficult to reach the BISP Office. 

8171 BISP Program Registration [May 2024]

This article is for the hundreds of people who register daily at the BISP Tehsil Centers and wait for their new BISP payments, as the most reliable and up-to-date source on the BISP website indicates that the next payment of the Benazir Income Support Program is likely to arrive on July 1, 2024

People will receive their Payments through Banks

According to the most recent update from the Ehsaas Portal, thousands of people gathered at the BISP Tehsil Centers every day to pick up their payments, which resulted in numerous complaints from the public regarding the BISP Payment deduction and the extremely stressful circumstances they encountered. In an effort to enhance the payment distribution mechanism’s convenience, the Director General of the BISP Program said that as of July 1st, people will receive their BISP payments through banks. 

احساس پورٹل کی تازہ ترین تازہ کاری کے مطابق، ہزاروں لوگ ہر روز تحصیل مراکز پر اپنی ادائیگیاں لینے کے لیے جمع ہوتے تھے، جس کے نتیجے میں عوام کی جانب سے بی آئی ایس پی کی ادائیگی کی کٹوتی کے حوالے سے بے شمار شکایات اور انتہائی دباؤ والے حالات کا سامنا کرنا پڑا۔ ادائیگی کی تقسیم کے طریقہ کار کی سہولت کو بڑھانے کی کوشش میں، بینظیر پروگرام کے ڈائریکٹر جنرل نے کہا کہ یکم جولائی سے، لوگ بینکوں کے ذریعے اپنی بے نظیر ادائیگیاں وصول کریں گے۔

Benazir Kafalat Program Registration Through the Tehsil Centers

Many innocent people do not know much about the BISP new registration system or how to modify or update their BISP and Nadra Data, therefore I’m giving you step-by-step guidance and a list of documents you have to carry with you for your Benazir kafalat Program 10500 Registration.

  • Visit the Tehsil office of the local BISP.
  • Bring whatever private records you may have, such as power bills or other documents attesting to your even deeper destitution, along with your actual CNIC.
  • Meet with a representative at the facility.
  • Send in the required files and provide your details.
  • Fill out any necessary forms.
  • Await processing and, if required, further action.
  • Receive a confirmation that your registration has been successfully completed.

List Of Important Documents:

  1. Your 13-digit CNIC number 
  2. Your children B-form
  3. If you have a gas or electricity supply at your home then Bring a copy of the gas and electricity Bills.
  4. If possible then bring the receipt of your source of Income 

Check Your 8171 CNIC Online – BISP Web Portal Update

To track the status of your BISP Payment you can check the BISP Status Online from the web portal through 

  • To access the Ehsaas 8171 Web Portal, click on
  • Put in your CNIC number and the code that appears in the picture.
  • From the menu, pick “Check Eligibility”.
  • You will be able to check your eligibility status on the next page.

Benazir Income Support Program Eligibility Criteria (2024)

The eligibility requirements for individuals to register for 8171 programs are now included below.

  • This program includes those who are deserving and in need.
  • whose monthly income is less than RS 30,000 on average.
  • You must have zero balance in your bank account in order to take part in this program.
  • In addition, no one in your family is employed by the government. 


The recent updates to the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) bring significant changes aimed at enhancing transparency and efficiency. With Rubina Khalid’s appointment as the new chairperson, there is a renewed focus on improving the system to better serve beneficiaries. 

The introduction of bank payments starting July 1, 2024, is expected to alleviate the issues faced at Tehsil Centers, ensuring a smoother distribution process. Beneficiaries are reminded to complete their registration through the BISP Tehsil Centers or the mobile van service to continue receiving their payments.