The New Method Of BISP Payment HBL ATM | September 2023

Here is the arrival of the greatest package for all those poor communities largely impacted by the immensely growing inflation, so now you can take a breath of relief under the newly launched scheme of BISP payment 25000.

The new method of BISP payment for July from HBL ATM bank is starting on 13 July 2023.

methos to witdraw money from HBL ATM

It is been decided that the amount of about 9000 will be distributed among the needy and poor hands so that they can tackle their difficulties in a much more convenient way.

This is only valid for the people who meet their eligibility criteria and therefore the amount that is being released by the government is transferred to the account of the beneficiaries from 1 June 2023.

Released of BISP payment for the month of July 

As per commanded by the Benazir Incom support program association, the new payment of July 2023 has been released so all those beneficiaries who are eagerly waiting for the payment can now easily go to any of their nearest HBL ATMs and withdraw their amount after experiencing themselves you can also share this helpful thing with others.

BISP amount delivery 

Since the time of its formation, the BISP PROGRAM has continuously evolved new and different methods of the delivery of cash in the account of beneficiaries through a much more appropriate way. 

Currently, the BISP team has introduced a new biometric method for the delivery, in this way it ensures that the money being transferred to the eligible person’s account is collected in the right hands. 

Following is the process of delivering BISP cash :

  • The survey has been conducted by the BISP team to enlist all the eligible families 
  • Their names and biometric data have been noted down 
  • Now the BISP sends their data to the associations and bank account 
  • So the bank and payment agents set up the payment points
  • In the last, the beneficiaries can easily collect their cash from any nearby payment points.

How To Withdraw BISP Payment from Bank ATM

The confirmation message from the 8171 Ehsaas program would arrive to the beneficiaries stating that their money from BISP has been transferred to their account. therefore, all you are required to do is to collect the money from your desired destination. It also mentions the day and time of the money transferred to your account. 

You can follow the steps to withdraw your money from the ATM of HBL

  1. Go to the nearest HBL ATM
bisp nearest HBL ATM

2. Select the thumb scan option from the screen

Bisp card registration online process biometric check

3. Then select the Urdu language

4. There is Seven option on the screen select the “BISP” option

5. After, enter your CNIC number into the designated field.

6. Now, you will be asked to place your Thumb on the scanner for verification (ONLY PLACE YOUR THUMB ON THE SCANNER)

BISP ATM biometric verification

7. Enter your amount of cash to withdraw

bisp amount withdrawn from the ATM

8. After verification, your money will be withdrawn from the ATM, and the balance inquiry slips with you for evidence.

NOTE:- You can only withdraw after receiving the message from the 8171, and you have to take the first payment of BISP from the registered agent of BISP and then you can collect your money from the ATM.

 The most important document is, the BISP card you must possess while withdrawing cash from your nearest HBL ATM Through this card you can also check your bank balance of BISP payments. You can see that your BISP payment has been uploaded so that you can withdraw your money easily all the data is ultimately updated every time there is any addition or extraction of payment in your bank account.

In the case of Applicants who do not possess this card can visit any nearby BISP registration office and receive their monthly payments. After analyzing your data and all the documents especially your CNIC number written on your ID card they will hand over the money just after your biometric verification. 

BISP payment 2023 | Registration procedure 

The BISP association only allows the registration of those citizens who are truly eligible to receive aid under this program. If you count as ineligible then you need to do your registration at 8171 registration after which the procedure of loaded monthly payment in your account will start.

The BISP team also started the NSER registration process recently in which their staff visits door to door and allocates the names of all the poor eligible families so that they would receive monthly financial aid which can help to facilitate them.

Required documents 

These are the required documents that you have to carry with you while receiving your money from the BISP program:- 

  • Original CNIC card / BISP card
  • Children B-form 
  • NSER form 
  • MOBILE SMS record  

Contact Details:

Department Benazir Income Support Program
Helpline Number 0800-26477, 051-9246326
AddressBenazir Income Support Scheme, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad                                                              


What is the new payment mechanism for BISP?

The BISP team and the chairperson of BISP, Miss Shazia Marri introduced the new payment mechanism for BISP which suggested that the Beneficiaries be given the option to collect the money from the of their choice.

How do I withdraw the money from BISP?

Recently the BISP has found a valid and smooth method for beneficiaries to collect their cash from the Benzair Income Support program. this amount can be withdrawn through all the HBL ATM branches of the region You can easily withdraw your amount within 24 hours.

How to check your Benazir Income Support program money?

You can check your BISP money through their online portal or by sending an SMS of your CNIC number to their official code which will inform you about your BISP balance.

How does the new payment method increase security?

The new payment method uses strong encryption techniques to protect the beneficiaries’ financial information. It also uses biometric authentication, such as fingerprints, to verify the identity of the beneficiaries before they can access their funds. This helps to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to funds.