BISP Partners With EasyPaisa: Direct Transfers Of 10,500 To Beneficiaries’ Accounts!

BISP Partners with EasyPaisa: Direct Transfers of 10,500 to Beneficiaries' Accounts!

As everyone is aware, the Benazir Income Support Program has announced the addition of six more banks to expedite the distribution of BISP Kafalat payments throughout Pakistan. Consequently, BISP has teamed up with EasyPaisa, one of the most well-known transaction businesses, to facilitate these payments. In order to make it simple for Beneficiaries to remove their Payments from their accounts. 

BISP Partners With EasyPaisa For Kafalat Payment Transaction

EasyPaisa, the biggest fintech company in Pakistan, is delighted to announce that it is one of the few prestigious financial institutions selected to collaborate with the 8171 ehsaas program (BISP) on the distribution of funds meant to empower marginalized communities, emphasizing women’s inclusion. 

How The Beneficaries Will Receive BISP Kafalat 10500 Payment Through EasyPaisa App?

This latest Payment Option has not been available to the Beneficaries yet but BISP has assured that the next BISP Payment will be given to them through Easypaisa and JazzCash Account therefore you have to be patient and learn the simple steps that how you can withdraw your money from the EasyPaisa Account.

  • Register on EasyPaisa: Beneficiaries need to download and register on the EasyPaisa app using their mobile number.
  • Link BISP Account: Link their BISP Kafalat 10500 account to the EasyPaisa app by providing the necessary details.
  • Receive Payment Notification: Once registered, beneficiaries will receive a notification on the app when the 10,500 payment is credited.
  • Check Balance: Open the EasyPaisa app and check the balance to confirm the payment has been received.
  • Withdraw Funds: Beneficiaries can then withdraw the funds from any EasyPaisa agent or ATM using the app.

Resolving Payment Deduction issues Through POS Representatives

To decrease complaints about POS agents, the BISP program will work with EasyPaisa to enhance the payment process under its new payment model.

EasyPaisa and BISP envision a future in which financial inclusion acts as a catalyst for social upliftment by dismantling barriers and providing equitable opportunities for all. Our relationship demonstrates our common commitment to improving the lives of those who are most in need.

Benazir Kafaalat Payment Through 6 Additional Banks 

Senator Rubina Khalid, the chair of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), declared on Tuesday that the program will collaborate with six banks to improve the payment procedure under its new payment model to reduce complaints regarding POS agents.

The program was only using two banks, and their contracts had expired several years prior. However, this expansion also makes it possible for more banks to provide their services, which will boost openness. This big change was made by the Benazir Income Support program to help beneficiaries more effectively and make the distribution of monies more transparent.


The partnership between BISP and EasyPaisa marks a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusivity and efficiency in Pakistan. By leveraging EasyPaisa’s extensive network, BISP aims to streamline the distribution of Kafalat payments, ensuring timely and secure transfers directly into beneficiaries’ accounts. This initiative not only addresses logistical challenges but also underscores BISP’s commitment to empowering marginalized communities, particularly women.