BISP new payment Boost by 25% New Update | 202324

Benazir income support program has always worked for the poor people of Pakistan and brings extremely beneficial schemes to their applicants.

Like this, they have made some valuable announcements about the BISP 25000 payment, which is meticulously increased by 25%.

Bisp-new update September 2023

BISP new payment check 2023

The chairperson of Benazir Income Support, Miss Shazia Marri, called the 58th Board Meeting of Benazir Income, in which they announced the increase of 25% of the stipend and approved the beneficiary account. They transferred the cash assistance amount directly into the beneficiary’s bank accounts.

The new payment method trial was also approved in this meeting, which will be introduced in four different Divisions of the country. After the Pilot’s test is successful, all the applicants who want to create the bank account of their choice can easily do that. 

The Board meeting, led by a Senior member of BISP, was conducted on Monday in the Committee Room of the Sindh Assembly Building in Karachi. During this meeting, the increment of 25% in wazeefa, as recommended by the Indication Committee, was also approved.

BISP monthly Payment check by CNIC 

Benazir Income Support program is one of the top-rated government assistance programs for the poor Communities of Pakistan that work for the betterment and to provide financial aid to these people. 


The Registration services in the Ehsaas Kafalat Program are also open; if you want to register and take advantage of this opportunity, visit their Portal or any of your nearby offices. The main aim of these monthly packages is to relieve those families who are the main target of the country’s increasing inflation.  

The Benazir Income support may be delayed in their monthly payment, but according to the Former PM of Pakistan, Shabaz Sharif, the payment will be from the BISP Kafalat program. 

BISP New Payment 

More than 90 lakh people in Pakistan are under the assistance of the BISP program and receive monthly aid from the Benazir Income Support Program.

Some decisions have been made due to the rising inflation and to counter the challenges a low-income family faces. 

The collective Installments of the Benazir Income Support program have risen from 7000 to 8750 rupees until January.

8,750 RsJanuary
8,500 RsMarch
9,000 RsApril to june

On May 11, the chairperson of BISP, Miss Shazia Marri, Presided over a Benazir Income Support program meeting, highlighting the program’s achievement in empowering women in Pakistan.

She declared that 9 million women in poor communities have benefited from different initiatives of (BISP). She categorically emphasized protecting the Constitution’s Provisions for the country’s development. Former Senator Safder Abbasi also emphasized the need to include more women in BISP. 

BISP New Payment 2023-24

The New payment of the BISP program has yet to be announced for 2023-24. Still, the current payment layout of Bisp is as follows:-

Benazir Kafalat7000 for a family of less than 5 
Benazir Nashonuma 2000 for an enrolled woman in the Nutritional Program
Benazir Waseela Taleem 2000 per year for a girl child who Enrolled in a school

The BISP has announced that the new payment would arrive with more extensive packages to provide much more relief to the beneficiaries.

New budget for the BISP Program 

The newly decided budget of BISP has been increased by 60 % from Rs 250 billion to Rs 400 billion. With the increased number of beneficiaries, the program’s offices nationwide also grew to 472. 

Moreover, transgender are also included in this prom by the registry on their CNIC card without any PMT score. They need to register from NADRA and then can get assistance from the BISP program.