8171 BISP Complaint Online Registration | Full Method 2023-24

As the BISP Program is increasing its boundaries to help and support low-income families, most of the families are having difficulties in receiving payment or deduction from an amount or the issue of registration. The Government of Pakistan has built BISP Complaint centers to deal with these problems and fix them as soon as possible.

BISP Complaint Online

In this particular article, I will guide you about everything related to the problems that arise for BISP-eligible applicants and also tell you how you can easily be concerned with the BISP team according to the problem you are facing. 

Methods Of Complaint In BISP 

You can complain to the BISP official through these methods:-

Online Complaint

Online complaint is an easy and fast working method, and anyone can discuss their issue regarding the BISP operations procurement-related complaints only. Through this portal, you can address your complaint directly to the complaint desk about your problem, and you will get your complaint status on your mobile number. You can place your complaint here:- 

Online Complaint method of BISP

Dynamic Complaint 

The Dynamic complaint method is for those people who don’t have access to the online portal or are unable to complain on the complaint portal. Can directly place their complaint through the BISP Tehsil Offices or the BISP registration offices.

Dynamic Complaint full procedure

How to register a complaint in BISP | Dynamic Registration

  The procedure for filing a complaint in the BISP tehsil office is given below:-

  • Visit any nearest Benazir tehsil office.
  • Tell them the purpose of your arrival in detail 
  • They will give you a complaint form, which you need to fill out very carefully 
  • In the form, you would ask about your CNIC number phone number and other important details about your complaint
  • As you are done with the form, then submit it to the assistant director of the Bisp tehsil office.

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Bisp Fake SMS complaint through helpline number | new update

According to the new update in September, it has been decided that the recipient can now file their complaint from their home just by dialing the number in their phones. Here in this article, you are given the number through which you can contact and easily register your complaint. 

Contact informationBenazir Income Support Programme F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
Mailing address Headquarters Exchange BISP Helpline Number: 051-9246326
Call center number0800-26477

Guidance about registering a complaint in BISP 2023 | New Update

Suppose you are facing any complications regarding the financial aid you are receiving from the Ehsaas Bisp program, whether the payment is late or there might be a deduction in your cash amount. In that case, you can easily contact them and register your complaint at their official portal. Still, most importantly, you must follow all the instructions given below. 

  • Most importantly, you have to carry your important documents with you when you visit their portal, like your original CNIC number and your mobile phone number on which the CNIC is registered, and also carry the BISP card (if needed).
  • You have to fill out the complaint form very carefully. If you face any difficulty in understanding something, then you can also ask staff for your help.

BISP complaint room set for filing complaints

The Benazir complaint room has been set up where all the beneficiaries are readily facing many problems regarding the timing of their payments or their deduction amount. So this is the platform where they can easily contact via WhatsApp, and to facilitate their registered people in a better way, they have appointed different WhatsApp numbers for different Provinces. 

Room set for BISP Complaint control room
ProvincesWhatsapp number
Punjab 0320-3263041
KPK, GB, and AJK0325-5365476

 Confirmation process of BISP complaint

Once you are done with your complaint, you have to wait till your registered complaint is processed and verified. Below are a few points about the verification of your complaint at the Benazir Income Support program. 

  • After your complaint has been filed in the BISP portal, the BISP officials take some measures. 
  • First, they observe if the complaint is valid; after that, the concerned bank is directed to take legal and strict action against the deduction agent. 
  • And as soon as the process is complete, the amount which has been deducted is automatically transferred to your account.

Since the system of registering complaints began in the Benazir income support programs, many complaints have been filed from the people, and they have also looked into their matter and tried to solve their problems at their earliest convenience.