How to get your BISP Payment if you have Biometric Failure – Complete Guidance 

When getting their BISP 10500 Payment from the stores and camp, many women have basic questions and issues that need to be addressed. The BISP senior person explains the solution for your biometric failure in a very clear and acceptable manner that any woman experiencing this issue during thumbprint verification can use. 

How to get your BISP Payment if you have Biometric Failure Complete Guidance

You will find step-by-step instructions for each method in this article. If your issue continues, you can also find out what optional steps you need to perform to receive your payments. However, before you can collect your Rs 10500 using the designated method at any nearby shop or camp, you must first check the status of your 8171 ehsaas program online to confirm that your payment has been issued. 

What should women do if have biometric Failure while receiving payments? | Step-by-step Guidance

In this post, you will be going to know the complete guidance and different methods to do your Biometric verification successfully if you have a problem thumping so that you can do any of the steps for receiving your Payment by Biometric Thumb Verification.

You can visit the link below to see the video message by the BISP Official person:

What should women do if have biometric Failure while receiving payments Step by step Guidance

Here I will provide you with some of the best solutions that you can easily do at the shop or standing near the ATM.

No 1: Wet or Moisturize your Thumb

One of the easiest and most effective things is that if in the first go, you face Biometric failure then you can wet your thumb with water or you can also put any cream or moisturizer to moisturize your thumb, as many times the biometric machine is not able to recognize the thumbprint if it is dry.

Therefore you should carry any cream or water with you to do the above procedure so that you will receive your payment immediately after your Thumb Verification.

No 2: You can do your Verification through other Fingers

If you have attempted the first technique and the machine continues to display errors, there are additional ways for you to finish your biometric verification.

You can use other fingers on your hand. For instance, if your thumbprint did not scan, you can use your first finger. If the biometric machine does not recognize it either, you can use additional fingers. The retailer must exercise patience if you take your time to confirm the biometric verification with all of your fingers. This gives you the choice to try the biometric verification eight times from any machine.

In this case, many times the shopkeeper gets frustrated and shows impatiens and you are left without doing your Biometric verification properly, if this happens in your time you can directly contact the BISP staff at their Helpline Numer: 0800 26477 and register your complaint so that your problem can be concerned immediately.

No 3: Clean the top surface of the Biometric Machine:

Often, when you scan your thumb or fingers on the glass of the biometric machine, an error message appears. This could be the result of dust collecting on the scanner’s surface.

Thus, before scanning any BISP applicants, the shopkeeper or any agent doing your biometric should ensure that the top of the glass surface is cleaned. You must therefore ensure that the surface of the glass on which you are scanning your thumb or other fingers is tidy and clean. 

No 4: Option to visit other Agents for your Thumb Verification

This is one of the important steps that is usually neglected by many of the Benazir Applicant and many times the agent or shopkeeper also does not guide them. 

Following the above three procedures, if you are still facing Biometric Failure then you can visit the other shop or camp to again do your Biometric verification from the other Machine or ATM. 

Follow these steps for biometric Verification at other Agent’s Shop:

  • Try doing your biometric verification through your thumb,
  • If it fails to be recognized then apply some water or cream on your thumb,
  • Still facing problems you can use all the other fingers of your hand.
  • You have to clean the surface of a glass of the Biometric Machine to get an accurate result.

These are some of the simple and effective tips that are shared above so that you can easily receive your BISP March payment, but still, if you are facing Biometric failure and are unable to get your payment then follow the guidelines given below.

Guidance to Receive Your Payment after Biometric Failure

If you’re a woman who has followed all of the above steps but hasn’t received your payment, you can follow these steps to get your 10500 for March:

  • Visit to your nearest NADRA office,
  • Explain your Biometric failure problem to their staff,
  • They will ask you to verify your thumb and fingers at the NADRA office,
  • You need to do your Biometric verification there appropriately.
  • After completing your verification at the NADRA office, you need to wait for a week.
  • After 7 days visit your nearest shop or agent to do your Biometric verification by following the methods explained above.

This method is very effective and will work as your second-time Nadra verification refreshes the store data and you will get accepted immediately by the Machine.

Register your Complaint at the BISP Complaint Portal

After following all the above procedures and trying your best to receive your Benazir Income Support Program payment but still facing Biometric Failure then you can simply visit the BISP Portal Online and register your complaint there.

If you are unable to do it through the Internet or facing problems while registering your complaint at the BISP online portal then you have another option to do it which is by calling their official helpline number which is given below:

BISP Online Complaint Portal
BISP Helpline number0800-26477


For many women, navigating through biometric problems while getting funds from the BISP can be a stressful task. To successfully handle such problems, this article has included thorough instructions and step-by-step solutions. From simple solutions like wetting the thumb to utilizing alternative fingers, it provides practical steps to overcome verification challenges.

Additionally, seeking assistance from NADRA offices and registering complaints through the BISP portal or helpline are highlighted for effective issue resolution. Overall, this comprehensive guidance empowers women to navigate payment collection with confidence and ease.