Maryam Nawaz Promises 1,224 Free Flats For Laborers And New Women’s Hostels

Here is the latest Update for all the labor and Women workers in Punjab who are making their money through really hard work therefore government has announced to support them financially by providing Free flats so that they can live in Punjab easily as these laborers are away from their homes and travel along distance to make money for themselves and their families.

Maryam Nawaz Promises 1,224 Free Flats for Laborers and New Women’s Hostels

Maryam Nawaz has announced a great relief Package for the Labor Community as well as women workers in the factories, explore more about all the facilities given by the government to the local people of Punjab through this post.

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CM Announces 1,224 Free Flats for Laborers

Important choices to improve the health of workers were made at a high-level meeting on 10 July 2024. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz heard updates on a range of initiatives, such as healthcare initiatives, worker scholarships, and the establishment of labor colonies, in addition to reviewing the Labor Department’s performance.

The chief minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has said that 1,224 free flats will be given to laborers in the Taxila and Sundar labor camps.

6 Billion Rupees Allocated for Overdue Death and Marriage Grants

During a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, many important points were discussed about improving the well-being of the Labor community and also providing complete resources to them so that they can easily work and earn bread for their families.

The Chief Minister emphasized the significance of these initiatives and said that 6 billion rupees have been set up for over 29,000 workers’ marriage grants and late death benefits.

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Key Decision Made About Laborse In the meeting

CM Punjab chaired a session where important decisions regarding the welfare of laborers were made. The performance of the Labour Department was evaluated at the meeting, and representatives briefed the CM on the results. 

During the meeting, the projects of the worker scholarship program, labor colonies, and worker health facilities were examined.

Special Relief For Female Workers in Factories

During her high-level meetings, she never ignored the importance of female workers for our economy, and she also made large relief packages for them so that they could comfortably work in a friendly environment. About Sheikhupura, She declared that 704 female workers would receive free housing. The chief minister of Punjab has also issued directives to guarantee the execution of labor reforms, workplace safety and health, and minimum wage regulations.

CM Maryam Nawaz declared that all parties involved will be included in enforcing the minimum salary of Rs. 37,000. She emphasized that the government is in charge of ensuring the safety of every worker. She listed laborers’ difficulties, noted the need to follow SOPs and workplace safety protocols, and mentioned the availability of safety equipment for cleaning workers. 


The Schemes announced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz represent a significant step from the government for laborers and women workers in Punjab. The allocation of 1,224 free flats and substantial relief packages aim to improve living conditions and support the financial well-being of these hardworking individuals. With 6 billion rupees set aside for overdue death and marriage grants, as well as ongoing efforts to enhance worker health, safety, and education, the Punjab government is committed to ensuring a better quality of life for its labor force.