BISP Confirms 2024 Payments For 9.5M Beneficiaries; New Registrants To Receive In 2025

BISP Announces 2024 Payments; New Applicants Must Wait

July 15, 2024

Beneficaries who are registering in the program this year will not receive the Payment in the April to June Phase as the old beneficiaries only receiving it who are registered before 2024.

BISP Khulli Kachheri in Jodh Senator Rubina Khalid Promotes 8171 Awareness

BISP Khuli Kacheri: Empowering Jodh’s Women With 8171 Awareness

July 15, 2024

She conducts Khuli Kacheri in several Peshawar districts, she answers people’s questions and shares the importance of being watchful and cautious when believing messages from “8171.”

BISP Warns Beneficiaries: Verify Messages Only From '8171' For Any Communication

Only Trust Messages Which Comes From 8171- Update

July 15, 2024

Chairperson of the BISP Programe warned, not to believe communications and messages from any phone number other than BISP’s official number, 8171.

Major Salary and Pension Boost Announced for Government Employees

Major Increase in Salaries, Pension Of Govt Employees

July 14, 2024

The ad-hoc relief allowance for government employees up to grade 16 will be increased by 25%. There has been a 20% rise in the allowance for officials in grades 17 through 22

August 14th: Maryam Nawaz To Launch Solar Panel Distribution

Maryam Nawaz To Distribute Solar Panels On August 14th, 2024

July 14, 2024

During a meeting in Lahore, it was decided that the registered People will start receiving the Solar Panel from 14th August and this Scheme is only for those people who are eligible for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme.

Punjab's New E-Bike Scheme Launched by Maryam Nawaz: 1st Bike to Jampur Student

1st Bike To Jampur Students – CM Bikes Distribution Started

July 14, 2024

Student will soon receive their Motorcycles in an easy installment by the government of Punjab, as Maryam Nawaz has already started its distribution by giving 1st Bikes to Jampur Students.

15% Salary Increase: Maryam Nawaz Boosts Unskilled Workers' Pay To 37,000 Rupees

Maryam Nawaz Announces 15% Salary Hike For Unskilled Workers

July 13, 2024

CM of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz has increased the minimum wage of these workers by 15% and from this time they will start receiving 37,000 Salaries every month instead of 32,000 Rupees.

KP Govt 1 Lac Solar Scheme 2024: Get A 2kW Solar System For Rs 7,000 Per Household

KP Govts Provoding 2kW Solar System Per Households

July 13, 2024

KP’s government has promised that thousands of eligible people will get a 2kW solar system installed in their houses this year. Therefore, you must check your eligibility and register online to take advantage of this opportunity.

Alert: Filing Tax Return with FBR Could Stop Your BISP 10500 Payment

Alert: Filing Tax Return With FBR Could Stop Your Payment

July 13, 2024

Rubina Kalid warn the Beneficaries that if they had filed a tax return with FBR due to which they became ineligible for the program and now, no more Payments will be given to them. 

Rs25 Billion For Scholarships Allocated By Maryam Nawaz, 27,200 Students To Receive E-Bikes

Maryam Nawaz Allocated Rs25 Billion For Scholarship 

July 12, 2024

CM announced a Rs25 billion student scholarship program and the early launch of a laptop initiative on Thursday, coinciding with the Punjab government’s launch of the electric bike (E-Bike) program, which is specifically targeted at female students.

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