Humqadum program online registration Latest Update | 2023-24

During this era of rising inflation, one can not be able to meet requirements and this is even worse in the case of disabled or special people who are suffering from any type of disease and are dependent on others.


So for the support of these types of human beings and to assist them financially government has taken very thoughtful steps, which you will learn through this article. But if you have not registered for the 8171 ehsaas program then complete your registration and receive the monthly payment of the Benazir Income Support Program.

Humqadum program 2023 new update 

As per a new update in August 2023 the government of Pakistan has made some new and important changes regarding the registration days of applicants. They changed the day for the registration of disabled or special people to only Saturdays so that they can more comfortably visit the BISP portal offices and register themselves in this scheme. 

humqadam program new update 2023

So still yet if you have not done the registration yet then go visit their offices and enlist your name in the BISP Humqadum program registration check 2023, so to get all the possible help from their site.

Humqadum Program Registration

This program is designed by the government of Pakistan to financially assist poor people with disabilities so that they have a source of income that creates a much better impact on their socio-economic life as well as others. 

Humqadam program registration online 2023 24 1

So categorically from this scheme the person who already enrolled in this can get 2000 Rs monthly payments and every year the number of beneficiaries also increases as they open the way of registration for them with a more advanced system, to minimize their complications as little as possible.

How to register for the HumQadum program?

  • The registration process is quite easy and simple 
  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of 
  • There you need to click on the online Registration button 
  • Now the form will appear in front of you 
  • In this form, you have to enter your original CNIC number present in your ID card 
  • And the code number present in the image 
  • Then you will be told about your eligibility if you are deserving then a payment of 2000Rs will be given to you every month 

Eligibility criteria to get registered in the BISP Humqadum program 2023

But the thing that needs to be remembered before beginning your BISP registration process is to check whether or not you are eligible for this program or if you meet all the criteria of an eligible person.

Following is the list of eligibility criteria that need to be seriously looked into while applying for Bisp HumQadum registration CNIC check online  2023.

  • You have to be a resident of Punjab, Pakistan 
  • You should have a record from NADRA for verification 
  • The poverty score should be less than 30 
  • For the Humqadum scheme, you should be a disabled person 
  • And no one in your family should be a government employ 
  • You should not possess any property of your own or more than 2-acre land
  •  Your passport should not be forged 


What documents do I need to apply for the BISP Humqadum Program?

Here is the list of a few documents you need to have for BISP Humqadum Registration:-

  • Your CNIC number from your ID card 
  • Your recent passport-size photograph
  • Your disability proof 
  • All of your data about your current income and expenses 
  • Your valid residence address

Maximum time to process an application for the Bisp Humqadum program?

The time taken to process an application for the BISP Humqadum program varies depending on the number of applications received However within 30 days most of the applications are processed.

How do I know if I am registered for the BISP Humqadam program?

If you want to find out about your BISP status then you can easily search while sending an SMS to a code <8171> with written <STATUS>.

How to get 2000 rupees for a disabled person?

If you want to get Rs 2000 from the BISP Disable person program then the People with disabilities can easily send an SMS to 8171 to register for the program.