75,000 Scholarships Announced by Balochistan Govt for Students! [2024 Update]

One of the greatest announcements made by the Balochistan Government for the poor children of the province who have dropped out of school due to financial issues. From 2024, 75000 children from Primary to Secondary and higher education can now enroll in the Schools and get free education from the Government.

75,000 Scholarships Announced by Balochistan Govt for Students! [2024 Update]

Children of civil Martyrs can also apply for the Free educational Scholarship Online Through the New Benazir Bhutto Scholarships Programme Scheme, launched recently by Balochistan’s CM.

Balochistan Govt Announces Scholarships for 75,000 Students

As part of its pro-education program to give the province’s Children access to high-quality education and reduce the startling number of out-of-school children, the Balochistan government has granted scholarships to 75,000 students thus far.

In the current budget for 2024–25, the government has allotted an additional two billion rupees to the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund [BEEF] and two billion rupees for children who are not in school, an official from the Balochistan government told APP.

Apply For Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Programme 2024

In Balochistan, the Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Program had been introduced. The program would provide educational subsidies from primary to higher levels to youngsters from all segments, including minorities and transsexual people.

If you are a Child of a Civil Martyr and want to gain education from high standard School in Balochistan then you can apply Online through the Link Button Given below, which you are required to add all your information and important details before submitting the form.

Balochistan Students to Study at Top 20 Universities Worldwide on Scholarships

In a landmark development, the University of Oxford has agreed to provide scholarships to students from Balochistan under the Benazir Scholarship Program. Additionally, PhD students from Balochistan will receive full scholarships to study at the top 20 universities worldwide, following an agreement signed last month between the University of Oxford and the Government of Balochistan.

400 Students Of Labourer Has Received Education Scholarship

The CM of Balochistan has said that the government is committed to giving laborer’s children the finest educational opportunities, and every year, scholarships would be given to pupils from underprivileged backgrounds.

In the first part of the scheme, the government has already declared that 400 children of Baloch laborers will be enrolled in the top universities in the nation.

Future Plans for Education Scholarship In Balochistan

Over the next two years, the Government of Balochistan plans to provide technical education to more than 30,000 young people across various fields. This initiative aims not only to equip the youth with valuable skills but also to create employment opportunities abroad. By offering specialized training and facilitating overseas job placements, the program seeks to enhance the professional prospects of Balochistan’s youth and contribute to the region’s economic development.


The Balochistan Government’s ambitious scholarship programs, including 75,000 scholarships for primary to higher education and the Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Program, aim to reduce the number of out-of-school children and provide inclusive, quality education. The landmark agreement with the University of Oxford and scholarships for PhD students to study at top universities worldwide highlight the commitment to academic excellence.