Ehsaas Program 7181 New Registration Code of BISP | Latest Update

7181 ehsaas program online registration new code

The government has not announced any new registration portal or code, 7181, for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). The Official Portal for the BISP is 8171, and you can register through the online web portal 8171. If you get a message from the 7181 or tell them any of your personal information, you will get fraud. 

7181 Ehsaas Program

7181 ehsaas program is not an official portal, and the official portal is 8171. Ehsaas program has used the 8171 web portal for around 5 years, and millions of people have been registered through the 8171. There will be no fraud when you use the official portal, and you will receive all messages for the Benazir Income Support Program sent through 8171.

BISP Chairperson Says About 7181 Registration

Shazia Atta Murri, the Benazir Income Support Program chairperson, held a press conference on May 5, 2023. This conference is due to the improper use and misuse of 7181 for registration within our system.

In her statement, Chairperson Shazia Atta Murri appeals to the public to actively visit the 8171 web portal, input the necessary information, and complete their registration for the new BISP (Benazir Income Support Program).

Shazia Atta Murri, Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program, explains that emergency measures are being taken to enhance the well-being of the people, aiming to eliminate poverty in Pakistan.

Several initiatives, such as the Nazir Education Scholarships, have been started. We continually strive to offer the utmost convenience to our citizens, enabling them to access maximum assistance.

8171 BISP Online Registration 2024

Benazir Income Support Program is like a guiding light for people who need financial support in Pakistan. BISP supports those who might be left behind, poor people, women, kids, older folks, and disabled people, to make their lives easy. Its main task is to give every low-class society a chance to live a better life by providing them with money and support; they get out of the fundamental problems of life that are stuck in the way of development.

Ehsaas program 8171 online registration 2023

Also, BISP wants to make women stronger by giving them their money and encouraging them to be part of the economy. If you are also interested in this program, follow the article to register yourself for the program and be part of the Government Scheme 2023.

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How to apply online for BISP 8171

Many programs are working under the Benazir Income Support program. For registration, you can follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to the official site
  • Click on the “Web portal” in the navigation bar.
  • Now, go to the first post of Bisp and click on the link.
  • Then, the “Apply Now” button will be shown to you; click on it.
  • Fill out the form with all the correct information required in the form.
  • Recheck all the information before submitting the form.
  • Finally, click on the “submit” button to submit your application.

Once your application is submitted successfully, you can track it or check your application status through the BISP helpline 0800-26477. You will get a confirmation message after your application is approved, and the bisp team will contact you at your registered phone number, and you will get your money in your given bank account or any nearest bisp center.

Aims Of The Bisp 8171

The government of Pakistan is working for the low-wage people to accommodate them and relieve them from the current inflation rate in Pakistan; Bisp is one of them. Bisp has to achieve its goal in several months.

  • To improve the financial position of those families who have lost their homes and people in the natural disaster like Salab.
  • To reduce the poverty rate by providing all the basic needs to the public and assisting them financially.
  • To increase the power of women by providing them with a standard education and to confront all the circumstances as the head of the house.
  • Strengthening the financial condition of the Country by providing aid to start businesses and by giving skill training will reduce the number of unemployment in the Country.
8171-ehsaas program objectives

Eligibility Criteria for 8171 Bisp 2024

The Government of Pakistan has set criteria for the people participating in the BISP 25000. You will successfully register yourself if you are eligible according to the set criteria

  • Priority to the poor, deserving people, disabled persons, eligible elders, and widowed or divorced women.
  • A family score of less than 25 will be eligible.
  • Those who did not receive any assistance through the government will be eligible.
  • The low-wage person who did not own a Government job, travel abroad or is not the land owner will be eligible for the program.      

Required Document 

  • Original CNIC 
  • Certificate of disability (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of husband for widow
required document for the ehsaas program 8117

Online verification 8171

Benazir income support program has provided its official code, where you can quickly check your official status and eligibility for the 8171 program. If you have not registered for this program, you can quickly check your eligibility by sending a message to our code 8171 by entering your CNIC number.

But you must be very careful and sincere in all the information you send us because the person who meets our eligibility criteria can only register for our financial aid. You may also visit our Benazir office for your registration purposes. You will receive your money quickly when your verification is done.

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Support and services under the 8171 program:

There is a wide range of support and services given by the 8171 program, and it tries to cover all the requirements and needs of poor people in this era of inflation.

Its support and services include interest-free loans, emergency cash, student scholarships, vocational training, and many more. 

Health awareness

Through this program, the 8171 BISP team prevails in awareness about health and related issues in the poor sector.

Skill development training 

They carry out different categories of skill development training for the poor sector youth in which they guide them in several fields and improve their skill through their training so that they can easily find a stable job in the future.

Women empowerment

The program plays a vital role in improving the existing status of poor women in their lives. 

Entrepreneurship support 

Through this program, they provide an excellent opportunity for poor people to start a new small business, which, in turn, has a more significant impact on our Country’s economy.


How is the 7181Ehsaas program funded?

8171 ehsaas program tracking is funded by multiple sources like the government of Pakistan, the private sector, and the international level. Charitable groups have contributed to this program.

The government funds the program through various sources like taxes, and they also borrow money from international organizations and through grants they receive from international donors.

What is the new code of BISP?

BISP beneficiaries use code 8171 to communicate and connect to this program. The applicant can check their eligibility by typing their CNIC number in the text and sending it to 8171 with their phone number. 

What is the new payment for the BISP 7181 program?

They have released their new payment for the BISP 7181 program, which is of rupees 7000Rs for 2023. It has been featured that the first tranche will give 55 billion rupees to 7.7 million families.

What is the eligibility score for BISP?

The eligibility score for the BISP program is 16.17 or lower. It shows that if you want to check your eligibility for this program, your score on your scorecard should be less than 16.17.