Latest Update: 43 Exemplary Initiatives by Punjab’s CM [2024]

Here is an exclusive report from Azma Bukhari’s recent interview with private news reporters. She discusses the various projects that Punjab’s chief minister, Maryam Nawaz, has undertaken, and she also highlights how beneficial all of the initiatives that the chief minister of Punjab has ordered seem to be for those in poverty who are struggling so much with transportation, healthcare, and other issues. 

Latest Update: 43 Exemplary Initiatives by Punjab's CM [2024]

In her interview, she highlights the 43 Exemplary initiatives that have been started by the Punjab Government in nearly all the districts of Punjab. If you want to know more about the different schemes and financial support programs like the Benazir Kafaalat program then read the article till the end as it covered multiple opportunities for the poor citizens and the youth of Punjab.

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43 Exemplary Initiatives To Start By Maryam Nawaz

In an interview with private news channels, Azma Bukhari, the Punjab Minister of Information, said that in the last 100 days, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has given assurances that the social programs she has promised will soon begin. She is also diligently working to bring socioeconomic stability to the province and is keeping a close eye on all 43 of her promising initiatives.  

According to her, one of Maryum Nawaz Sharif’s outstanding accomplishments has been the sharp decline in inflation, as more people are getting jobs and free government and Social Facilities like Free Medical Camps.

32 Field Hospitals & Clinic On Wheels 

Many parts of the Punjab province are still isolated from contemporary medical services, and patients are still treated in shoddy local clinics. The government has set up field hospitals that would visit every household in each district to provide free medical care and examinations to the people living in these Punjabi districts. This will make it simple for folks who are unwell or unable to pay for pricey medical care to obtain the required medical treatments at no cost to them.

32 Field hospitals were established in Punjab to offer services as a result. The containers that were previously used for harmful activities would be converted into field hospitals, and in this way, many clinics on wheels are formed for the benefit of poor people.

Air Ambulance services in Punjab

Azma Bukhari Further added about the CM’s Air Ambulance Service which will start soon in districts of Punjab as the work on this project has already started. Chief Minister in her speech shared that Pakistan’s first air ambulance is on track to launch soon, with training already in progress. She compared the initial skepticism to past projects like Nawaz Sharif’s Motorway, highlighting its vital role for citizens in need.

Eco-Friendly Buses Start Soon 

Azma Bukhari while talking in her interview continued, “These incredible actions highlight her commitment to making sure that healthcare is not a privilege but rather a fundamental right of every citizen.” Punjab is also going through a transportation revolution under Maryum Nawaz’s direction, she continued, adding that the installation of eco-friendly buses in different cities is a big step in the direction of sustainable transportation.

Punjab Apna ghar Project – 3000 Houses in Every District

The main vision behind the Apni Chat Apna Ghar project is to provide a separate and owned house to all the eligible people in Punjab who are living in a very desperate condition and want to buy a new house for them at a very low price. The scheme’s main objective is to build families with inexpensive, ecologically friendly homes.

Azma Bukhari added that another project named Aapna Ghar aims to provide low-income families with their own houses, adding, that over 3000 houses will be built in every district of Punjab soon. 

Initiatives For Education and Unemployment

Maryam Nawaz has included numerous reforms and projects for the youth of Punjab, a crucial segment of our society, in her 43 Exemplary Initiatives. She would give young people numerous job opportunities in these projects, much as she did with the “Mariyam Ki Dastak” app. In addition, she has launched several educational projects and activities that the general public will soon be informed about. 

The Maryum Nawaz Sharif administration has also moved quickly to solve the challenges of jobs and education, according to Azma Bukhari. In response to a question, she stated that the air ambulance service will formally launch at the end of June and that Maryum Nawaz has established new guidelines for proactive governance.


In summary, the recent interview with Punjab’s Minister of Information, Azma Bukhari, sheds light on the ambitious endeavors spearheaded by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz in Punjab. From innovative healthcare solutions such as field hospitals and air ambulance services to sustainable transportation initiatives like eco-friendly buses, Maryam Nawaz’s administration is leaving no stone unturned. 

Additionally, projects like Punjab Apna Ghar, aimed at providing affordable housing, and initiatives targeting education and unemployment underscore a holistic approach to upliftment. As these initiatives unfold, they hold the promise of improving the lives of countless individuals across Punjab, particularly those grappling with poverty and related challenges.