224,000 Women In Lahore To Get Payments Through 22 Camps [News Report]

224,000 Women In Lahore To Get Payments Through 22 Camps

Here is the latest news from the BISP Payment Transfer Camps in Lahore, where the beneficiaries are receiving the 10500 Kafaalat Payment in an extremely open and respectable manner. They now receive more amenities at the campsite and receive their cash without any deductions, saving them from having to wait in lengthy lines for their turn.

224,000 women in Lahore are being paid through the BISP Campsite, and a crew from the BISP is assigned to monitor transparency and assist women in these cash transfer facilities.

224,000 Women In Lahore To get Payments through Phase 1

During his visit to the BISP Camps in Lahore, Director General Punjab of the Benazir Income Support Program Arshad Liaqat Chaudry observed the team management and the facilities available to the beneficiary women. He also mentioned that a total of 22 BISP Camps have been established in the city to provide funding to the most deserving beneficiaries of the Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Program.

Phase 1 Payment To 224,000 Women In Lahore

He spoke with the women, listened to their grievances, and gave the BISP Team strict instructions to work with the women and pay them without making any deductions because it is their right and you should never charge them money and always transparently pay them.

Provide All The Necessary facilities to BISP Beneficaries at Camsite.

During his visit to the Lahore campsite, he looked over all the aspects and also informed the media that all facilities to the women are given here, the supply of Water, Fans, Chairs, and an appropriate place with security where they can get their payment most reliably.

During his visit, he also took reviews and complaints from the women, therefore directing the whole team to cooperate with the Beneficiary and try to keep the Cash transfer system as transparent as possible.

22 BISP Camps Established In Lahore, Punjab

While giving the interview at the BISP Campsite, Director General Punjab, Arsad Liaqat Chaudry proclaimed that there are a total of 22 Camps in Lahore that are operational right now and thousands of BISP Registered women receive their Monthly Payment and Benazir Taleemi Wazaif without any deduction.

Another service provided to beneficiaries is the ability to report issues of any kind, such as not receiving your complete payment or having fees deducted from you to the BISP Official Helpline at 0800-26477. since the beneficiaries pay no fees to the campsite when they get their benefits. 

Payments Are Made to 93 Million Families In Pakistan

More persons have been added to the list of beneficiaries who will receive assistance from the Taleemi Wazaif and Benazir Kafaalat, per the most recent survey of the Benazir Income Support Program. As of right now, 93 families in Pakistan are receiving monthly assistance from the government’s Benazir Income Support social development program.

Anyone wishing to join the BISP Program must complete the Tehsil centers’ Dynamic survey. If their payment has been received, they will receive a notification from 8171. Visit the Tehsil office that is closest to you if you haven’t already registered for the Ehsaas Kafaalat. The BISP survey is still open to qualified beneficiaries.

Benazir April To June Payments Through BISP Campsite

Before the establishment of these camps, Beneficiaries encountered numerous difficulties and complexities when obtaining their BISP payments through shops. Occasionally, their payments would arrive at a small retail store where they would not be given seating or water, and they would have to wait in long lines for hours, even during the summer.

As a result, the Benazir Income Support Program has shifted the method of payment distribution from retail stores to campgrounds, which meet all the conditions for the Beneficiaries. The women were really happy after receiving April To June Payments because the posing agents promptly gave them their entire payment. This has made it possible for the program to honorably handle the issue that women most usually want assistance with and to provide their BISP Payment.


The establishment of 22 BISP payment transfer camps in Lahore has significantly improved the process for 224,000 women receiving their 10,500 Kafaalat payments. These camps offer essential amenities and ensure secure, transparent, and respectful transactions, addressing previous issues with retail store distributions. 

Overseen by Director General Punjab Arshad Liaqat Chaudry, the program has enhanced accountability and beneficiary satisfaction. This shift highlights the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable citizens and improving welfare distribution across Pakistan.