2 Lakh Families in Sindh Will Get Solar Panel at Cheap Price- Sindh Solar Scheme 

This is the most recent information for all Sindhi residents and BISP beneficiaries. Since everyone is aware that electricity prices are at an all-time high right now, the government of Sindh has unveiled one of the Best Schemes for the Sindh Population, in which they will give affordable Solar panels to 200,000 Sindh Families.

2 Lakh Sindh Solar Panel Scheme [2024] Check Out The Details

If you’re interested in learning more about the newest Solar Panel Scheme in Sindh, keep reading to find out when people will receive solar systems, how much the government of Sindh will charge them to purchase and install solar systems, and who will be eligible to benefit from these schemes in 2024.

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Solar Panel For 200,000 Sindh Families | Latest Update

The governments of Punjab and Sindh have announced plans to sell solar panels to the general population at reasonable prices to empower people to create their energy.

Through the Solar Panel Scheme in Sindh 2 Lakh Families will receive the Solar System at an affordable price most people are from remote areas. The distribution of solar energy among Sindhi families provides environmental sustainability, energy accessibility for all, and a reduction in the demand for government energy generation. Each solar system in the program will be able to run a fan and three LED bulbs

2 Lakh Sindh Solar Panel Scheme 2024 Update

The frustration of purchasing an expensive solar system for your home will now end because the Sindh government has announced a new Solar Panel Scheme in collaboration with the World Bank. Households in the region that have applied will receive panel from 200,000 solar panels at a very affordable price of Rs 7000. This offer will be extended to those living in rural areas where the cost of electricity is higher and people cannot afford to purchase electricity at a lower rate.  

2 Lakh Families in Sindh Will Get Solar Panel at Cheap Price

The project has been granted $32 million by the World Bank, with potential for future growth.

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50,000 Families In Karachi will Receive Solar Panels For Rs 7000

The Sindh Solar Panel Scheme now covers fifty thousand families in Karachi. Residents of Karachi City can now install solar panels in their homes for just 7000 Rupees.  

The Sindh Chief Minister has just made an announcement thus far, but a comprehensive briefing on the scheme will be provided soon so that the public may learn how to register for the Sindh Solar Panel Scheme in 2024 and who will receive it for Rs 7000.

List of Items included in Sindh Solar Panel Scheme 

The systems will include:

  • Solar panels: High-efficiency photovoltaic panels designed to convert sunlight into electrical energy.
  • Charge controllers: Devices that regulate the voltage and current coming from the solar panels to the batteries, preventing overcharging and extending battery life.
  • Batteries: Durable, long-lasting storage units that store the electrical energy generated by the solar panels for use during non-sunny periods

Optimized Solar Panel Distribution Strategy for Sindh

Here is the distribution plan for the Solar Panel Scheme in Sindh:

  • 200,000 homes in the province of Sindh are to receive solar systems from the Sindh government.
  • Families in Karachi will receive 50,000 solar panels.
  • There will be 6,656 solar systems installed in every province district.

Families Eligible for 2 Lakh Sindh Solar Panel Scheme 

The statement declares that only eligible families will get the solar system installed in their homes by the Government of Sindh. They also mention who are eligible for the Sindh Solar Panel Scheme in 2024 are the people who use monthly electricity consumption of up to 100 units. Everything will be paid for by the government, including the cost of the solar systems and their installation.

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When will the Families will get the Solar Panel – Distribution Date

Here is an official announcement by the Sindh Government that the Distribution Procedure for the Sindh Solar Panel System will start In October 2024 once the purchasing process is completed. Therefore check the updates regularly at 8171ehsaasprograme.pk to know the fresh and latest Government Schemes in Pakistan.


The Sindh Solar Scheme is a groundbreaking initiative set to provide affordable solar panels to 200,000 families across the province. With substantial support from the World Bank, the project aims to alleviate the burden of high electricity costs, particularly for those in rural and underprivileged areas. 

Starting in October 2024, eligible households will receive solar systems at a nominal price, promoting environmental sustainability and energy independence. This scheme is a significant step towards empowering the people of Sindh with reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed registration procedures.