CM Gandapur Relief Package of 10000 Rs Cash for Ehsaas Beneficiaries

Today I will be telling you one of the latest updates about the Ramazan Packages for all the Beneficiaries of the 8171 Ehsaas program, the new CM of Khyber Pakhtoon Kha has announced a Cash of Rs10000 for all the eligible people of KPK and this plan will be executed in the Month of Ramazan.

CM Gandapur Relief Package of 10000 Rs Cash for Ehsaas Beneficiaries

In a recent interview, the Chief Minister of KPK announced a fresh relief package worth 10,000 rupees for Ehsaas beneficiaries. He said that around 9 lakh people in Khyber Pakhtoon Kha would receive the money if they were genuinely eligible for it. He declared that further programs would be unveiled and that the government would not abandon its citizens during their trying times. 

Relief of 10000 cash for Ehaas Beneficiaries | 2024 Updates 

All the people who had been registered in the Benazir Income Support Program can complete the BISP Dynamic Survey from the nearest Benazir Tehsil office, as the new payment will be delivered to them when they complete their new BISP survey for Ehsaas programme status check.

When the new announcement of Cash 10000 Rupees was announced by Ali Amin Gandapur then he confirmed that all the eligible people who are registered through the ehsaas program would receive the New cash payment which means 8,50000 households will be receiving this payment. 

Relief of 10000Rs for Ehaas Beneficiaries 2024 Updates

Moreover, he declared to add 1,15000 extra households that, for whatever reason, were not included in the previously mentioned initiatives, each household would additionally receive Rs. 10,000.

Who is eligible for the 10000 Ramazan Scheme 

The true information received from official sources has not shown any kind of eligibility criteria for the Ali Amin 10000 cash transfer scheme, however, the data of eligible people will be analyzed through the survey conducted for the Ehsaas program conducted by the previous government. 

Therefore people who are eligible for the Ehsaas Kafalat Program will receive the Ramazan relief payment in March 2024. Along with ehsaas and Bisp data, CM announced to distribute the cash of 10000 Rupees to 1,15000 extra households who are not enrolled in the program but are eligible for the payment. 

سرکاری ذرائع سے موصول ہونے والی صحیح معلومات میں علی امین دس ہزار کیش ٹرانسفر اسکیم کے لیے اہلیت کا کوئی معیار ظاہر نہیں کیا گیا، تاہم سابق حکومت کی جانب سے کیے گئے احساس پروگرام کے لیے کیے گئے سروے کے ذریعے اہل افراد کے ڈیٹا کا تجزیہ کیا جائے گا۔ اس لیے جو لوگ احساس کفالت پروگرام کے اہل ہیں وہ مارچ میں رمضان ریلیف ادائیگی حاصل کریں گے۔ احساس اور بی ایس پی کے اعداد و شمار کے ساتھ، وزیراعلیٰ نے 115000 اضافی گھرانوں میں دس ہزار روپے کی نقد رقم تقسیم کرنے کا اعلان کیا جو پروگرام میں شامل نہیں ہیں لیکن ادائیگی کے اہل ہیں۔

How to register for 10000 Ramazan Payment 

There is no current registration happening for the Ramazan 10000 Payment, however, people of Khyber Pakhtoon Kha who are approved for the BISP or ehsaas program are also eligible for the 10000 payment for the Ramazan Package. 

How to register for 10000 Ramazan Payment

Therefore if you have not registered in the Benazir Income Support Program then complete your New Registration through the BISP Dynamic Survey by following the steps below:

  • Visit the BISP Tehsil office in your area.
  • Bring your 
  • original CNIC and 
  • any personal documents such as a utility bill or any other paper that further highlights your poverty.
  • Meet with a representative at the center.
  • Provide your details and submit the required documents.
  • Fill out any necessary forms.
  • Wait for processing and follow up if needed.
  • Receive confirmation of your registration.

When you will get your Ramazan Package of Rs 10000

A new payment of 10000 will be given to the people of Khber Pakhtoon Kha on the month of Ramazan, and more schemes are also announced by the New Kpk chief minister for the holy month so that people can spend this month with relief.

Ali Amin Gandapur also announced the distribution of 20 Kg floor (Atta) of 1265 Rupees for the People of Khyber Pakhtoon Kha during Ramazan and he also ordered the restoration of all the Langar Khana’s in the province that has been established by the ex PTIs government and also mentioned to formed more langar khanas in the province.

Restoration of Sehat Sahulat Card in KPK 2024

The new CM of Khyber Pakhtoon Kha has announced a Big Relief package for all the residents of KPK in which he declared that the Sehat card fully restored from the 1st Ramazan all over the province and then people can get great relief in their medical treatment from any hospital.

Here are a few very easy steps for all eligible cardholders people to use their Sehat Card.

  • Visit the Sehat Card Plus counter in any empaneled hospital of your choice
  •  Verify your CNIC. 
  • After verification of your CNIC,
  • a referral letter will be given to you to avail yourself free of cost health services in case of admission.

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An important step in helping those in need was taken when Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur announced during Ramadan that Ehsaas beneficiaries in Khyber Pakhtoon Kha would receive a relief package worth Rs. 10,000. With no strict eligibility requirements, the project seeks to help about 9 lakh households widely. 

The government’s dedication to assisting its citizens in difficult times is further demonstrated by the reinstatement of Sehat Sahulat Cards and the distribution of necessities. 


How can I check my BISP registration by CNIC?

Follow these procedures to see if you qualify for this.

  • Type all 14 of your CNIC’s numbers into a text message.
  • Forward it to 8171.
  • Then you receive a confirmation message after a few minutes.

Can BISP beneficiaries also receive the KPK 10000 Cash Payment?

Yes, Bisp beneficiaries can also receive KPK 10,000 Rs in Cash, because they are already registered as eligible people of Pakistan who deserve assistance from the government.

How do I check my 8171 cash?

Here are the simple steps to check your 8171 cash Online from the bisp government site:

  • Visit the online site at
  • Enter your reference number and select “check my status” if you have one.
  • In the first box, type in your CNIC number.
  • Enter the number that appears in the smaller text box on the left side of the screen.
  • Press the green button.

What is the KPK relief package?

In a recent development, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has introduced a significant relief package, allocating Rs. 10,000 in cash for Ehsaas beneficiaries. This initiative aims to assist approximately 900,000 eligible households in the region during the month of Ramadan